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Yoichiro Endo yendo at i-a-i.com
Mon Apr 18 07:32:08 PDT 2016

Intelligent Automation, Inc. (IAI) is looking for a new team member who is
a self-motivated Software Engineer with a passion for robotics. You will be
working with the Robotics and Electromechanical Systems Group to develop
custom solutions in the fields of Robotics, Autonomy, Human-Machine
Interface, Machine Vision, and Electromechanical System Design. We have
numerous active research and development projects where we design,
integrate, test, and deploy systems for a range of applications, including
aircraft inspection, ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance),
utility construction, medical training, IED/EOD operations, and simulation.
We are looking to add expertise and talent to our multi-disciplinary team
to continue to achieve success in all of these areas.

Software Engineer - Robotics - Rockville, MD

 * Develop software algorithms, control systems, hardware interfaces for
robotics applications.
 * Work with project managers and a team of engineers.
 * Utilize and/or modify existing code bases and libraries; create and
shape new functionality.

 * Minimum 3 years of experience of software engineering
 * Bachelors or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering,
Robotics, or related field.

 * Knowledge of Object-Oriented programming
 * Write clean, efficient, well-documented code
 * Strong written and communication skills

 * Experience with integrating, testing and deploying prototype robotic
 * Programming Languages: C++, Java
 * Programming Tools: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Boost, OpenCV, Qt,
Subversion, Git,
 * Familiarity with robotics-related algorithms such as:
    - Sensor fusion
    - Feedback control
    - Path-planning and navigation
    - Computer vision
 * Experience developing with robotic architectures such as ROS, LCM, IPC,
or others
 * Experience with embedded microcontrollers such as MSP430, PIC, Arduino,
or others
 * Experience with hardware device interfacing
 * Experience with Serial, Ethernet, or networking and communication
 * Knowledge of memory management and multi-threaded applications
 * Great debugging skills
 * Strong background in math and physics

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without
regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity,
national origin, disability, or veteran status.

To apply this position, please follow this link:

To see other openings at IAI, please visit our website:

Intelligent Automation, Inc. (IAI) is a technology innovation company
headquartered in Rockville, MD. We specialize in providing advanced
technology solutions and R&D services to federal agencies, and corporations
throughout the United States and internationally. IAI's core R&D areas
include: Air Traffic Management, Big Data and Social Media Analytics,
Control and Signal Processing, Cyber Security, Education and Training
Technologies, Health Technologies, Modeling and Simulation, Networks and
Communications, Robotics and Sensor Systems.  The Robotics Laboratory at
IAI is equipped with a suite of robots and software tools for our ongoing
research efforts focused on robot teams, medical robotics, mobile robotic
manipulation, and robotic inspection. Our fleet or robots consists of
various types such as academic, commercial, and experimental including
Baxter and iRobot Create. We have numerous sensor systems such as camera,
LIDAR, radar, sonar, and GPS sensors available for experimentation. In
support of our development efforts, we have a variety of COTS & proprietary
robot control software such as the Distributed Control Framework (DCF) and
Behavior Development Studio (BDS).  For more information on IAI, please
visit www.i-a-i.com.

Yoichiro Endo, Ph.D.
Lead Scientist / Program Manager
Intelligent Automation, Inc.
15400 Calhoun Dr., Suite 190
Rockville, MD 20855
Email: yendo at i-a-i.com
Phone: 301-294-4621
Fax: 301-294-5201

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