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Mon Aug 15 11:43:51 PDT 2016

Honda Research Institute USA (HRI-US) is at the cutting edge of Honda's 
research and development activities. Inspired by Honda's global slogan - 
The Power of Dreams - we pursue emerging technologies and bring them into 
reality to make people happy, even as we are engaged daily in highly 
scientific, pioneering work. We realize that dreams don't come from 
organizations, systems, or money. They come from people, and we seek 
people who have such a challenging nature to work with us.

Research Engineer (Job Number: P15F01)

Honda Research Institute USA (HRI-US) in Mountain View, California is 
looking for top researchers and software engineers to work on the exciting 
future of autonomous vehicles.  As part of our Systems Integration Group, 
the candidate will collect and/or receive requirements, design and 
implement software to support real time operation of multi-modal sensor 
systems. His/her primary programming responsibilities will include 
implementing and debugging solutions in C/C++ using standard gnu tools and 
a combination of in-house libraries and tools as well as industry standard 
software packages such as PCL, OpenCV, CUDA, lapack, and Eigen. Experience 
with ROS or similar middleware a plus.

This position offers opportunity to:
* Write software to process sensor sources running at different sample 
rates with minimal latency, including cameras, lidar, GPS, CAN bus, and 
IMU using interfaces including serial, USB and Ethernet
* Understand and extend existing C/C++ libraries to support changing 
* Effectively use existing in-house, open source or vendor provided 
software when practical in meeting requirements
* Implement, debug, test and profile implementations of required API's, 
drivers and software components
* Be an essential member of a team of engineers and scientist that develop 
autonomous driving technologies in a fast-paced software development 
* Understand and analyze state of the art approaches and contribute to 
algorithm development in the areas of path/motion planning and decision 
* File patents and publish research results

* Bachelor's degree in computer science, electrical engineering or related 
* Familiarity with standard software development tools such as gcc, gdb, 
as, ld, gmake, svn and git
* Expertise in motion planning theory, decision making and machine 
* Extensive hands-on experience in real-world robotics applications
* Excellent programming skills in C++
* Experience in data structures and advanced algorithms
* Proven ability to design, develop and debug production quality code
* Be self-motivated and able to work well in cross-functional teams
* Strong communication skills including technical documentation, written 
reports, proposals, development and delivery of presentations and the 
ability to listen and communicate effectively

Desired Qualifications:
- MS/PhD in Robotics, Computer Science or equivalent field
- Experience in autonomous driving and/or ground vehicles
- Familiarity with Robot Operating System (ROS)
- Experience with scripting languages, such as Python
- Familiarity with modern software engineering practices

Application Instructions
To apply for the position, please send a cover letter, your CV and if 
applicable, your own sample C++ code and/or github link to

fulltime at honda-ri.com

with the subject line clearly indicating the job number you are applying 

You can apply for multiple positions, but each area needs a separate 
Failure to follow these instructions may result in a delay in the 
processing of your application. 

The candidates must have the legal right to work in the U.S.A.

Please note that we receive a large number of applications and cannot 
communicate with everyone.  If a researcher has found a good match between 
the planned research and your background, you will be contacted directly. 


Jimmy Chiu
Honda Research Institute USA, Inc.
375 Ravendale Dr., Suite B
Mountain View, CA 94043

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