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Saroya Whatley saroya at modbot.com
Thu Aug 18 10:27:13 PDT 2016

Hello everyone,

Modbot is currently looking for an Electronics Design Engineer to join the
team. Please find the description and requirements below. All interested
applications should send their resumes to saroya at modbot.com.

*Job Description:*

Modbot is making industrial quality robots massively accessible. With our
modular architecture and innovative servomechanisms, we aim to disrupt the
traditional industrial robotics space. To support this development, Modbot
is seeking an Electronics Designer with experience in PCB design and
fabrication. The successful candidate will design and build servomechanism
controllers, robotics control solutions and various other electronics
boards on the system.

The successful candidate will work with the Electrical team to generate
power, thermal, space and cost budgets and help design schematics, layout,
prototype and test a variety of PCBs. This will include the ability to work
with digital and analog electronics and support EMI/EMC regulations in
design. The successful applicant will ideally have taken a product to mass

The successful candidate will have strong interpersonal skills and work
dynamically with cross-discipline teams. The successful candidate will have
creative problem solving skills and solve inter-dependent problems using
strong analytical skills across electronics design, control theory, sensor
fusion and power management.

*Minimum Requirements:*

Bachelor of Electrical and/or Electronics Engineering or equivalent;

5 years or more of complementary work experience;

A demonstrated ability to extract design requirements from management and

Experience with digital and analog circuit schematic design;

Experience with microcontroller/microprocessor circuit design and layout;

Experience with PCB layout and fabrication;

Experience and willingness to perform PCB prototype assembly;

Experience with power electronics

Experience with Altium software


Experience with Field Oriented Control motor controller board design (or
other brushless electric motors);

Experience with Battery Management Systems (BMS);

Experience with strict thermal constraints and passive thermal dissipation

Assembly and C/C++ experience;

Ability to write device drivers and automated hardware-in-the-loop tests;

Strong interpersonal skills for cross-discipline team interaction;

Experience with Altium Designer;

Ability to self manage Bill of Materials Suppliers and cost reductions

Experience in PCB manufacturing processes including drilling, plating,
pressing, punching, reflow & wave soldering and double sided board

Experience taking PCB design to mass production.


*Saroya Whatley*

*Business Developer and Operations Manager*

*saroya at modbot.com <saroya at modbot.com>*

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