[robotics-worldwide] [meetings][IROS'16 Workshop] Call for student contributions: Towards a unified workflow for multi contact motions on legged robots

Steve Tonneau steve.tonneau at laas.fr
Wed Aug 31 16:35:45 PDT 2016

IROS 2016 Full day workshop:
 Towards a unified workflow for multi contact motion on legged robots:
Challenges in planning, optimization and control
Oct 14, Daejeon, Korea

Workshop objectives:

Early contributions on multi contact locomotion for legged robots have
underlined the complexity of planning, then controlling robot motions in
constrained environments. In both the robotics and computer-graphics
communities, a large variety of approaches have been recently proposed
to tackle the problem, thus often targeting one specific aspect: 1) the
planning of a feasible path for the robot; 2) the optimization of its
trajectory; or 3) the feedback control of the robot during the execution
of a dynamic motion. Integrating these different aspects is not only an
engineering issue. It raises scientific questions in terms of robustness
of the algorithms and performance requirements. The objective of this
workshop is to gather people working in these fields and propose a
debate on the combination of these various aspects into a functional
workflow for robot motions in cluttered environments. Renowned speakers
from the robotics and computer graphics field will present their work,
and recommend the reading of selected papers prior the conference. This
will provide the audience with the ability to prepare their venue and
ask relevant questions that will be analyzed by student groups and
discussed during dedicated debate sessions.

The workshop consists in three topic specific presentation sessions,
completed by two inter-topic debate/poster sessions. These sessions are
organized in an original fashion so as to enhance  exchange and
communication: the talks of each session will be completed with a topic
specific debate session, prepared by students.
In the coming week, the workshop website will be updated with a list of
reference papers, proposed by the speakers of the workshop.
The students will read the papers and prepare a critic presentation of
the papers that will start the debate session.
Additionally, the audience will be given the opportunity to ask
questions in real time using social networks during presentations.

Topics of interest:

+Multi­contact motion planning
+Legged locomotion
+Dextrous manipulation
+Motion synthesis
+Character animation
+Force control
+Robust Optimization­-based control
+Whole­body control

Call for contributions:

One goal of the workshop is to encourage the students of the community
to participate actively to the workshop. While the majority of the
presentations will be provided by renowned and established researchers,
students can contribute to the workshop in three ways:

+ oral presentation:
At most one oral presentation per session will be given by one student.
Students with mature, recognized work (published in an international
conference) are encouraged to propose a 20 line long abstract for an
oral presentation of 15 minutes in one of the topic of interest, as well
as one reference related to their presentation.
To submit a presentation proposal, send an email to stonneau_at_laas.fr
with the subject [IROS 16 Workshop : student presentation]

+ poster session:
Part of the workshop will be dedicated to a poster session. Students
with relevant work, either mature or on-going, are encouraged to submit
an abstract of 10 lines for their poster. To participate to the poster
session, send your abstract by email to stonneau_at_laas.fr with the
subject: [IROS 16 Workshop : poster]

+ debate preparation and animation:
As mentioned in the objectives section, we are looking for enthusiast
students to conduct a preliminary work that will start a debate session
for each specific topic. This is a unique opportunity for volunteers to
exchange with students from other research teams, and to converse with
the most established researchers in the field.
To participate to the debate preparation and animation, send an email to
stonneau_at_laas.fr with the subject [IROS 16 Workshop : debate]

Important dates:
- Submission Deadline: September 9
- Notification of acceptance: September 12
- Workshop day: October 14

Steve Tonneau (stonneau_at_laas.fr)
Timothy Bretl
Igor Mordatch
Nicolas Mansard

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