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Wed Jan 6 19:37:24 PST 2016

The January 2016 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and 
Engineering (T-ASE) includes Two Special Sections: one on Human-Centered 
Automation and one with selected papers from the 2014 Conference on 
Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), 10 Regular and 2 Short papers, 
and an Editorial on the T-ASE Impact Factor and news about a welcome 
reduction in page overlength charges:


The Guest Editors for the Special Section on Human-Centered Automation, M. 
M. K.  Oishi, D. Tilbury, and C. J. Tomlin, accepted 9 papers on Shared 
Autonomy, Haptic Feedback, Autonomous Driving, Robot-Assisted Surgery, and 
Flight Control. CASE 2014 was held in Taipei; the Guest Editor for that 
Special Section, F.-T. Cheng, selected 13 papers on topics from 
Manufacturing to Rehabilitation to Smart Appliances.  Topics of the the 
Regular and Short papers include High-Speed Trains to Micro-Assembly to 
design of a passive device that can reduce neck injuries.

The T-ASE Impact Factor for T-ASE is now 2.428, close to T-RO (2.431) and 
T-AC (2.779).  The average time from paper submission to first decision is 
under 3 months and the average time from submission to publication online 
is under 8 months.  Submissions have grown steadily from under 400 in 2011 
to well over 800 in 2015.

For details on the journal, info for authors, and upcoming
Special Issues, please visit:

With great appreciation for the excellent work and dedication of all
authors, reviewers, Editorial Board, and Editorial Assistant Samantha 

- Ken Goldberg, EiC


Editorial: Fine-Tuning T-ASE
K. Goldberg

Guest Editorial on Human-Centered Automation
- M. M. K. Oishi, D. Tilbury, and C. J. Tomlin


Synthesis of Shared Autonomy Policies With Temporal Logic Specifications
J. Fu and U. Topcu

Attempting to Automate Compliance to Aircraft Collision Avoidance Advisories
A. R. Pritchett, R. A. Haga, and H. Li

Predictive Haptic Feedback for Obstacle Avoidance Based on Model Predictive
A. Balachandran, M. Brown, S. M. Erlien, and J. C. Gerdes

A Learning-Based Framework for Velocity Control in Autonomous Driving
S. Lefèvre, A. Carvalho, and F. Borrelli

Design of Driver-Assist Systems Under Probabilistic Safety Specifications Near
Stop Signs
M. Forghani, J. M. McNew, D. Hoehener, and D. Del Vecchio

Parameter Estimation in Softmax Decision-Making Models With Linear Objective
P. Reverdy and N. E. Leonard

A Framework for Multilateral Manipulation in Surgical Tasks
K. A. Nichols and A. M. Okamura

Observability of User-Interfaces for Hybrid LTI Systems Under Collaborative
Control: Application to Aircraft Flight Management Systems 
T. M. Hammond, N. Eskandari, and M. M. K. Oishi

Event-Aware Framework for Dynamic Services Discovery and Selection in the
Context of Ambient Intelligence and Internet of Things 
A. Yachir, Y. Amirat, A. Chibani, and N. Badache


Guest Editorial
F.-T. Cheng

Efficient Algorithms for Analysis and Improvement of Flexible Manufacturing
C. Zhao, J. Li, and N. Huang

Fault Diagnosis Method of Joint Fisher Discriminant Analysis Based on the Local
and Global Manifold Learning and Its Kernel Version
J. Feng, J. Wang, H. Zhang, and Z. Han

Finite Production Run-Based Serial Lines With Bernoulli Machines: Performance
Analysis, Bottleneck, and Case Study
Z. Jia, L. Zhang, J. Arinez, and G. Xiao

Integrating Optimal Simulation Budget Allocation and Genetic Algorithm to Find
the Approximate Pareto Patient Flow Distribution
J. Song, Y. Qiu, and Z. Liu

Integration of Modified Inverse Observation Model and Multiple Hypothesis
Tracking for Detecting and Tracking Humans
F.-M. Chang, F.-L. Lian, and C.-C. Chou

Sensory Cues Guided Rehabilitation Robotic Walker Realized by Depth Image-Based
Gait Analysis
C. D. Lim, C.-M. Wang, C.-Y. Cheng, Y. Chao, S.-H. Tseng, and L.-C. Fu

A Faster Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for the Block Relocation Problem
S. Tanaka and K. Takii

Modeling and Optimization of Hybrid Systems for the Tweeting Factory
B. Lennartson, K. Bengtsson, O. Wigström, and S. Riazi

Optimal Integration of Alternative Energy Sources in Production Systems With
Customer Demand Forecast 
K.-C. Chu, K. Kaifuku, and K. Saitou

Sparse Modeling and Recursive Prediction of Space–Time Dynamics in Stochastic
Sensor Networks
Y. Chen and H. Yang

Development and Validation of an Automated Steering Control System for Bus
Revenue Service
J. Huang and H.-S. Tan

Analysis on Energy Efficient Switching of Machine Tool With Stochastic Arrivals
and Buffer Information
N. Frigerio and A. Matta

Robust Scheduling of Smart Appliances in Active Apartments With User Behavior
K. Paridari, A. Parisio, H. Sandberg, and K. H. Johansson


Adaptive Iterative Learning Control for High-Speed Trains With Unknown Speed
Delays and Input Saturations
H. Ji, Z. Hou, and R. Zhang

An Optimized Feedforward Decoupling PD Register Control Method of
Roll-to-Roll Web Printing Systems
Z. Chen, J. He, Y. Zheng, T. Song, and Z. Deng

Output Feedback Guaranteed Cost Control for Networked Control Systems With
Random Packet Dropouts and Time Delays in Forward and Feedback Communication Links
L. Qiu, F. Yao, G. Xu, S. Li, and B. Xu

Scheduling Internal Operations in Post-Distribution Cross Docking Systems
M. P. Fanti, G. Stecco, and W. Ukovich

Modeling and Control of Piezo-Actuated Nanopositioning Stages: A Survey
G.-Y. Gu, L.-M. Zhu, C.-Y. Su, H. Ding, and S. Fatikow

An Incremental-and-Static-Combined Scheme for Matrix-Factorization-Based
Collaborative Filtering
X. Luo, M. C. Zhou, H. Leung, Y. Xia, Q. Zhu, Z. You, and S. Li

Integration of Data Fusion Methodology and Degradation Modeling Process to
Improve Prognostics
K. Liu and S. Huang

Robust Total Energy Optimization of Flexible Manufacturing Systems Based on
Renyi Mean-Entropy Criterion
C. V. Le and C. K. Pang

Finite-Time Tracking Control of Rigid Spacecraft Under Actuator Saturations and
K. Lu, Y. Xia, C. Yu, and H. Liu

High Precision Automatic Assembly Based on Microscopic Vision and Force
S. Liu, D. Xu, D. Zhang, and Z. Zhang


Immersion and Invariance-Based Output Feedback Control of Air-Breathing
Hypersonic Vehicles
Z. Liu, X. Tan, R. Yuan, G. Fan, and J. Yi

Reducing Occupational Neck Pain With a Passive Neck Orthosis
C. A. Yee and H. Kazerooni

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