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Ioseba (Joe) Tena ioseba.tena at seebyte.com
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SeeByte is a world leader in smart software for autonomous maritime robotic
systems, providing innovative solutions to the defence, offshore and marine
science sectors. SeeByte has recently developed the Marine Autonomy
Framework in collaboration with DSTL to support the deployment of
collectives of autonomous maritime robotic systems working collaboratively.
The framework is now implemented on multiple assets including surface and
underwater robotic vehicles.

The system currently supports a limited number of behaviours at platform
level and has an effective but limited collaboration mission planning
ability. As part of an Innovate UK funded project in collaboration with
other partners, we are looking at expanding the capabilities of the system
to support long term near shore surveys using a surface and one or more
underwater robots in realistic environments. The intention is to develop a
system that will, for the first time, minimise the loading on operators, and
reliance on a support ship. Both the Unmanned Surface Vehicle(USV) robot and
Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) robot will be deployed from the shore and
will transit to the survey site with minimal operator oversight and without
the need for a support vessel. The UUV will be positioned and communicated
with acoustically from the USV. Once at the survey site the USV will act as
a positioning aid and a communications relay for the UUV.

There is the potential for a PhD to work in parallel with this project to
develop new techniques that can improve both vehicle behaviours (including
COLREGS to enforce safe navigation of surface vehicles) as well as
multi-robot mission planning with uncertain and limited communications
between assets. You will work alongside experts in the field and will have
access to unique robotic platforms to validate your research.

We are looking for students with a strong scientific background, the ability
to work in a team, respond to a dynamic environment and motivated to solve
real world problems. The suitable candidate will be interviewed by SeeByte
Ltd personnel as well as university staff. The successful candidate will
become part of the SeeByte R&D team. He/she will be allocated a SeeByte and
an academic supervisor. Due to the possible restricted nature of some of the
work performed in SeeByte, we will only consider UK/EU applicants.

The student will mostly be based in SeeByte and will be part of a team of
researchers and engineers. The main role will be to research new techniques
suitable to tackle these issues and apply them to relevant problems, sensors
and datasets in SeeByte, implement them on real platforms and validate your

For more details, please contact:
R&D Manager

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