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Matteo Bianchi matteobianchi23 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 12:19:20 PST 2016

[meeting] Call for Abstracts: Workshop on ''Human and Robot Hands, Human
and Robot Touch: Sensorimotor Synergies to Bridge the Gap Between
Neuroscience and Robotics? at HS2016

The Workshop “Human and Robot Hands, Human and Robot Touch: Sensorimotor
Synergies to Bridge the Gap Between Neuroscience and Robotics” will be held
at Haptics Symposium Conference (http://www.hapticssymposium.org/),
Philadelphia, on April 8, 2016.  The workshop will focus on the issues that
human and robotic hands face when controlling the large number of joints,
actuators and sensors to perform motor tasks such as object exploration,
manipulation and grasping. More specifically, the workshop would like to
promote an integrated approach to explore the control of the hand based on
sensorimotor synergies, which can be applied in both neuroscience and
robotics. Hand synergies are based on goal-directed, combined muscle and
kinematic activations leading to a reduction of the dimensionality of the
motor and sensory space, and provide a highly effective solution for the
fast and simplified design of artificial systems.

The workshop will be organized as a panel workshop, with scientists both in
robotics and neuroscience field as invited speakers. The objective is to
promote multi-disciplinary collaborations between these two research areas.

On one hand, we will present results on the theoretical and experimental
foundations of the synergistic organization of the human hand. On the other
hand, we will show how the framework of hand synergies can be profitably
exploited to better control and design robotic hands and haptic/sensing
systems/ tools, using a reduced number of control inputs/sensors, with the
goal of pushing their effectiveness close to the natural one.

We encourage prospective attendees to submit an abstract (max. 400 words)
of their research to matteo.bianchi at iit.it or
a.moscatelli at hsantalucia.it, dealing
with, although not limited to:

- Neuroscientific aspects of sensorimotor organization of human hand;

- Design and control of robotic and haptic systems, taking inspiration from
the concept of hand synergies;

- Sensing tools for the study of sensorimotor aspects of human hand.

The accepted abstracts will be presented as poster during the workshop.

Depending on the quality of the submissions, a special issue with extended
versions of the abstracts will be organized.

-        Timeline for internal review, revision, and acceptance of abstracts

o   Abstract submission deadline:  *02/15/2016*

o   Notification of acceptance:  *02/28/2016*

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