[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Aldebaran Robotics Boston Studio seeks Robot Interaction Designer

Andrew Stout astout at aldebaran.com
Mon Jan 11 12:31:41 PST 2016

Job Title: Robot Interaction Designer (Boston Studio)

Job Description: You will be part of small team tasked with creating
end-user applications for our interactive humanoid robots. Your primary
role will be to conceive and design interactive scenarios between humans
and our robots, designing the flow, interactions, and feedbacks of the
applications in accordance with the client’s specifications. Working in the
Scrum methodology with a small interdisciplinary team and a user-oriented
approach, you will capitalize on hardware and software features (and
constraints!) to create state of the art interactive applications for
Aldebaran’s robots.
A creative sense of what makes a robot engaging, appealing, and
entertaining is essential. Comfort with technology will be important, but
particular technical skills are secondary to creativity and an
understanding of how users respond to technology. Because you will be
designing interactions for local markets, North American cultural and
language fluency is needed, but you will be part of a multicultural and
international team. The position is based in Boston, but travel for demos,
client meetings, etc. may be required.

   * Creativity and a strong sense of what makes an interaction engaging
and entertaining
   * Minimum 3 years experience in interaction design in robotics, mobile,
or web applications, or as a game designer in the video game industry.
   * Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
   * Excellent team worker, gives and receives input constructively and
   * Ability to multitask and prioritize, flexibility to adapt to changing
business needs
   * Attention to detail
   * Comfortable making presentations to an audience, including live robot
   * Fluent in English
   * U.S. citizen or permanent resident with a U.S. Green Card
   * A passion for robotics

   * Familiarity with visual or scripting programming languages, especially
   * A background in Human-Robot Interaction
   * A talent for script/dialog writing, and/or a background in improv
comedy or theater
   * A background in User Experience design and evaluation
   * Experience using issue tracking systems (such as Redmine, Trac, etc.)
   * Language skills in French, Japanese, or Spanish could be a plus.

About Aldebaran Robotics:
Aldebaran Robotics, a member of the Softbank Group, is the undisputed world
leader in the field of humanoid robotics. A pioneer founded in 2005,
Aldebaran became popular thanks to its 6,000 NAO humanoid robots sold to
research labs and academics around the globe. We’re now taking the humanoid
robotics business to the next level with no existing precedent and have
recently launched the new humanoid robot Pepper with Softbank Mobile,
targeting B2B as well as B2C markets.

Position is based in Boston (MA, USA). Please submit resume, letter of
motivation, and (a link to) any supporting materials by email to Andrew
Stout, Boston Studio Manager: astout+id2016 at aldebaran.com.

Andrew Stout

Boston Studio Manager - Aldebaran Robotics
email: astout at aldebaran.com
phone (google voice): (760) 9 DEV NAO == (760) 933-8626
155 Federal St., Suite 1702, Boston MA 02110 USA

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