[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Advances in Robot Kinematics

Jean-Pierre Merlet Jean-Pierre.Merlet at inria.fr
Tue Jan 12 23:50:53 PST 2016

The conference Advances in Robot Kinematics will be held on 27-30/6/2016 
in Grasse, close to Nice


ARK is one of the major conferences related to kinematics, seen as the 
groundwork for robotics application, that favour friendly relationships 
between the participants in a nice atmosphere

Topics are:
Analysis of robot kinematics
Modeling and simulation of robot kinematics
Kinematic design of robots
Kinematics in robot control
Theories and methods in kinematics
Singularity analysis
Kinematics in biological systems and humanoid robots
Kinematics in parallel robots, redundant robots, cable robots

The hard deadline is January 15. Proceedings will be published as a book 
by Springer.

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