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Wed Jan 13 01:57:51 PST 2016

The French engineering school Telecom Bretagne has a new opening for a
Lecturer position (tenure) in Computer Science and Robotics.

*Telecom Bretagne* is one of the most prestigious graduate engineering
schools ("Grandes Ecoles
<http://www.telecom-bretagne.eu/studies/education-france/>") in *France*. It
is a public institution, under the aegis of the Ministry for Industry and
is a member of the Institut Mines-Telecom
<http://www.mines-telecom.fr/en_accueil.html> and the Université européenne
de Bretagne (European University of Brittany)
<http://www.telecom-bretagne.eu/about/ueb>. The college trains future
*professionals* for careers in *industry*, *services* and *research*.

Details about the position can be found here:

Job Title: Lecturer in Computer Science

• Location : Telecom Bretagne - Brest campus
• Entity / Department / Lab : Computer Science Department / IHSEV Team
• Position of the immediate supervisor : Head of Computer Science Department

Within the framework of guidelines for training and research defined by the
school, the successful candidate will work under the responsibility of the
Head of the Department, within an  educational  and  multidisciplinary
research  team  and  in  close  collaboration  with  the services and
directorates of the school, the position holder :

   - Provides, develops and coordinates a set of teachings (lectures, TP,
   TD, project supervision) and teaching methods (project, face to face or
   remote) in one or more disciplines (computer science, software engineering,
   programming) for a varied audience (engineering  students,  master
   students, continuing  education,  continuing  education students)
   - May needs to coordinate or manage activity of one or more internal or
   external stakeholders in training
   - Participates in a research program within a team and/or within
   recognized laboratories, in association with  internal  partners
   (Institute,  other  departments)  and/or  external (institutional and firms)
   - Contributes to the fame of the school and the Institute through
   presentations, conferences, scientific publications and involvement in
   national and international networks within scientific or professional
   communities of the economic world
   - Ensures that he obtains, by industrial contracts, submissions of
   projects with the Institut Mines-Télécom and with the local, national or
   international institutions, the financial, material and human means
   necessary for the fulfillment of these tasks
   - Leads the actions needed to promote the scientific and economic
   exploitation of research results through  innovation  actions,  transfers
   towards  companies  (intellectual  property, know-how, expertise,
   - Contributes to the dissemination of information on research in the
   society through popular scientific activities, publications and
   interventions with the general public
   - Contributes  to  the  collective  smooth  running  of  the  school
   by  joining  the recommendations, the rules and the constraints and by his
   participation in the collective missions: juries, promotion and
   communication actions, forums, cross-functional working groups, decision
   making or advisory authorities.

Teaching activities

   - Participate in the teachings of the common trunk / basements in
   computer science
   - Participate in specialized courses in the field "Software Systems and
   - Participate in educational projects by supervising students on the
   research themes of the Computer Science Department
   - The candidate will ensure taking account of "security" aspects in a
   transverse way in the undertaken teachings.

Research activities

The candidate will be recruited in the research team IHSEV (Interactions
Human-Systems and Virtual Environments), a Lab-STICC team (UMR 6285 CNRS).
IHSEV dedicates himself to the application of ICT to develop technological
systems allowing people with disabilities, frail or the elderly to mitigate
dependences or strengthen social ties.
Lead  research  and  innovation  activities  on  one  or  several  of  the
following  themes:  smart home, embedded systems, automation protocols,
platforms of services, robotics for assistive services,  virtualization
of  networks,  algorithmic  widely  distributed,  security  of  services
and networks.
Enhance collaboration between the research teams of the IT department and
more widely with the other departments.
Participate in the development of partnerships, collaborations and
contractual relations in his domain, particularly in partnership with

Required level of training and/or experience

   - PhD in computer science or telecommunication ; a qualification Section
   63 is desirable
   - State employee belonging to a corps recruited by the means of the
   Ecole Polytechnique or the alumnus of a Ecole Normale Superieure with
   professional experience > in 3 years
   - Degree from an engineering school or equivalent with a professional
   experience > 5 years

Skills and abilities:

   - Actual abilities and motivations for teaching and research
   - Capacity of adaptation to the thematic evolutions
   - Pragmatic and able to apply his knowledge in operational systems or
   emerging (applied research)
   - Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to integrate research and
   teaching teams with multi and inter disciplinary
   - Ability to work in project mode
   - Open-mindedness, self-assessment capability
   - Interest and openness to the business world
   - Interest and openness to innovation in teaching.

Necessary theoretical, technical and practical knowledge to hold the post

   - Broad-spectrum IT and network training (formation) on the following
   aspects :
   programming languages (Java, C, C ++, Python, etc.), programming of
   networks applications
   - Very good level in English
   - Knowledge of the ICT sector
   - Experience in student supervision within a project-based teaching

Desirable skills

   - Architectures of computer systems, platforms of services
   - Computing for embedded systems, operating systems (Android, Linux,
   etc.), security, multimodal interfaces
   - Robotics, humanoid robotics, interaction between home automation and
   - Experience of European projects


Position based on the Brest campus
Application deadline : *31 January 2016*
Date of Recruitment board : *11 February 2016*



Télécom Bretagne
Technopôle Brest-Iroise
CS 83818
29238 Brest Cedex 3
CNRS LabSTICC Computer Science Department
Tel: +33 2 29 00 16 19

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