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Greg Trafton greg.trafton at nrl.navy.mil
Fri Jan 15 06:21:31 PST 2016

The Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence
(NCARAI) at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington DC is
looking for 2-4 roboticist postdocs to join our team.  Our team is
multidisciplinary and includes roboticists, perception scientists,
cognitive scientists, and computer scientists.

Our focus is primarily on human robot interaction from a computational
cognitive and social perspective.  We have openings for postdocs who
specialize in:

* Cognitive Robotics
* Human Robot Interaction
* Perception on a mobile robot
* Navigation/Mobility
* Manipulation

We will consider people with expertise in any area of mobile
robotics, though an open mind, an ability to work well in medium size
groups, and a strong publishing record are all required.

Our postdoc deadline is February 1, so please contact me immediately
(greg.trafton at nrl.navy.mil) if you are interested in becoming a
postdoc with us.  Our postdoc positions typically last for 2-3 years.
You must be a US citizen to apply for this position.  Pay is ~75K;
details about the postdoc program itself are available at
http://hroffice.nrl.navy.mil/jobs/postdoc.htm and check out the NRC
postdoc program.

We have outstanding facilities and resources.  Our newest platforms
(coming this summer) are three HUBO-DRC+ robots.  We also have
three MDS anthropomorphic robots (Octavia, Lucas and Isaac), each with
highly expressive heads and torsos with close to 50 DOF.

Our lab is a 50,000 square foot facility (the Laboratory for
Autonomous Systems Research), which has unique environmental high bays
and laboratories for experimentation. The hallmark is a 150x75x30
reconfigurable high bay, which will has full motion capture coverage
over the entire space, floodable areas and many more features to
support state-of-the-art research. Other environments within our new
facility include: a live-growth tropical rain forest; a desert
environment with rock walls; a littoral environment (which includes a
25 x 50 pool with an adjustable slope on one end and wave generators
on the other end for creating surf conditions); and an outdoor
highland forest environment with water features and "box canyons"
built out of boulders. 

For more details about our research:


For more details on our new facility:

Greg Trafton, Ph.D

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