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Hao hao at dorabot.com
Wed Jan 20 06:13:12 PST 2016

Manipulation Engineer on robot arm motion planning
Dorabot Inc. ,Shenzhen, China

We aim to gather the smartest robot enthusiasts to build fully autonomous
robot that can see and operate in human environment, bring a true robotic
future to life.

Mobile manipulators require complex 3D environment models and advanced
motion control to safely navigate in simple dynamic environments. In order
to allow true full automation in environments designed for human, we are
developing a new motion planner that allows complex mobile manipulators to
avoid all static, dynamic and unknown obstacles and generate collision-free
trajectories even while moving. In addition, the planner needs to obey all
task-specific constraints in terms of accuracy, visibility, restricted
end-effector orientations and kinematic singularities. We will take dynamic
optimization into consideration at the very beginning, in order to generate
time-optimized arm motion with this planner.

We are looking for a talented engineer/researcher with extensive hands-on
experience with robots. You'll be responsible for the development and
refinement of manipulation capabilities on our autonomous mobile
manipulator, including the motion planner stated above. You will be part of
the core R&D team within Dorabot, work closed with vision and application
engineers, focus on challenging scenarios such as random bin-picking ,
object placing, tool manipulating, all in spaces full of various obstacles.
We work in a fast paced, agile environment, where we constantly
collaborate, brainstorm & peer review ideas, and test proposed solutions.
We encourage continual learning within the team.

Required skills:
- BS or MS in Robotics, Computer Science, Mechatronics,
Mechanics, Mathematics or a related field.
- Expertise in motion planning approaches for robotics, especially high
degree of freedom arms.
- Experience writing motion planners/controllers and applying them to real
world manipulation problems
- Experience with OpenRave/MoveIt!/OMPL/SBPL/ROS-Control or any other
motion planning/manipulation software
- Strong system integration skills
- High proficiency in C++
- Effective oral and written communication skills in English
- Love robots, eager to optimize "stupid" path plan that comes out of
current planner

Preferable Skills:
- PhD in Robotics, Computer Science, Mechatronics,
Mechanics, Mathematics or a related field.
- Expertise in real-time motion planning for high DOF robot arms/mobile
- Knowledge of collision detection and checking, for example FCL
- Strong background on dynamics and dynamic optimization
- Experience on gripper design and/or grasping
- Python experience
- Experience working with industrial robots
- Experience with multi-core architectures
- Experience of speeding up algorithms by parallelization with GPU
- Experience in creating computationally efficient code
- Previous contributions to open source projects
- Experience of machine learning on real robot systems

What We Offer:
- Opportunity to help bringing fully autonomous, robotic future to life.
- You are encouraged to pursue your own ideas
- Highly motivated, multi-disciplinary international team, including some
of the best robotics minds of current time.
- Excellent lab facilities and test space, with a dedicated lab manager
allow you focusing on development without interruption of item re-stock
- Relaxed and healthy working environment with fresh fruits & standing desk.
- Central location in Shenzhen, fastest hardware iteration speed in the
world (Get things done faster, no more waiting for hardware!).
- Competitive salary and equity based on experience and contribution.
- Well funded by internationally renowned VC (Huge amount of money that can
be spend on developing robots).

Please send your CV and a short motivation letter (stating why you want to
join, and what you expect to experience/get while at Dorabot) to
dream at dorabot.com

我 Build ドラえもん <http://www.dorabot.com>

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