[robotics-worldwide] [Software] polyjam: new open-source release

Laurent Kneip kneip.laurent at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 13:45:01 PST 2016

Dear community,

Please allow me to introduce polyjam, my most recent open-source release.
polyjam is a compact C++ math-library for polynomial computations and C++
solver generation for minimal problems. You can download and install the
library from


A 20 page operating manual explaining the complete functionality and
installation is contained in the sub-folder polyjam_documentation.

polyjam is the driving force behind all Groebner basis solvers contained in
OpenGV (http://laurentkneip.github.io/opengv), and has just had its first
successful public demonstration at the International Conference on Computer
Vision'15 in Santiago during the tutorial on Solving Minimal Problems (
http://cmp.felk.cvut.cz/minimal-iccv-2015/). It is released under the terms
and conditions of the GPL license.

Best Regards,
Laurent Kneip

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