[robotics-worldwide] [Jobs] Two Open Internship Positions at Aldebaran Robotics in Human Robot Interaction (HRI)

Amit Kumar PANDEY akpandey at aldebaran.com
Fri Jan 22 09:10:20 PST 2016

Aldebaran Robotics, founded in 2005 and a member of the Softbank Group, is
the undisputed world leader in the field of humanoid robotics. It has
headquarter in France with offices in China, Japan and the United States.
For almost 10 years, Aldebaran has been driving technology into a new world
by designing humanoid robots. Our robots (NAO, Pepper, Romeo) are used in
more than 70 countries in various fields, such as research, education,
retail, care, tourism and entertainment. We are now taking the humanoid
robotics business to the next level with no existing precedent with the new
humanoid robot Pepper with Softbank, targeting B2B and B2C markets.

We are looking for exceptional individuals to play prominent roles in one
of the greatest life-enriching projects of the 21st century. This is a
unique opportunity of its kind, for the right kind of talented individual,
and a unique occasion to grow with and at the speed of what is becoming one
of the most watched companies.

      ** Number of positions: 2 (two)
      ** Type of contract: Internship
      ** Duration 4-6 months (each)
      ** Starting: February / March 2016

Your R&D Mission
Our robots needs to behave in socially-aware and socially intelligent
manners. Among other key capabilities, this also requires the robot to
develop (i) a knowledge about the human and environment and (ii)
incorporate learning in its behavior. Your role will be to design and
develop modules to elevate the current capabilities of the robot in either
of these two directions. This will be achieved by utilizing and combining
perception and interaction data, and developing AI & Cognitive reasoning
system on the top of it.

You will be placed within the R&D team of Aldebaran’s Innovation
department, and will be supervised by experienced researchers from the

The outcome will be the delivery of enhance world modeling and learning
system, which will be utilized to strengthen the robot’s multimodal
interaction (dialogue, gaze, gesture ...) capabilities.

The candidate will be also motivated and supervised to publish the
progress/outcome of the internship as research papers in appropriate

Your Skills and Experience
You are pursuing/completed masters or you are a Ph.D. candidate seeking
industrial experience. Your background includes programming, robotics, AI
or related fields of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) and social robotics. You
have a good working knowledge of C ++ and/or Python. You are dynamic and
curious, with good analytical skills. Your English is fluent, both spoken
and written. A plus points for you will be some knowledge about the domain
of Human Robot Interaction, and any experience with our robots will be a

How to Apply
Are you the candidate, who is passionate about robotics and new
technologies, who loves new challenges and wants to participate in an
adventure out of the ordinary? Then, send us your application (resume +
cover letter) to recrutement at aldebaran-robotics.com, indicating the
reference of the offers CCH/IN/R&P/HRI.

Amit Kumar Pandey (Ph.D.)
Head Principal Scientist (R&D)
Scientific Coordinator- Collaborative Projects
(Socially Intelligent Robots, Human Robot Interaction, AI)

Innovation Department
Aldebaran Robotics
Paris, France




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