[robotics-worldwide] [software] ORB-SLAM2 code release

Raúl Mur Artal raulmur at unizar.es
Mon Jan 25 10:53:21 PST 2016

Dear community,

We are very happy to announce the release of ORB-SLAM2 
This is a new open-source SLAM library for monocular, stereo and RGB-D 
cameras with loop detection and relocalization capabilities.

We provide examples to process sequences of the KITTI dataset as stereo 
or monocular, and of the TUM RGB-D dataset as RGB-D or monocular. ROS is 
no longer required, but we also provide the option to compile a ROS node 
to process live monocular and RGB-D inputs (stereo will be available 
soon). In the RGB-D/stereo case we have a gain in robustness and 
agility, and we are able to estimate the camera trajectory with true 
scale, and without scale-drift.

ORB-SLAM2 incorporates a GUI to change between a SLAM mode and a 
Localization Mode. In the SLAM mode the system runs three main threads 
in parallel: Tracking, Local Mapping and Loop Closing. In the 
Localization mode, only the Tracking is active and we just perform 
camera localization in the map (with relocalization if needed).

You can see some videos here:

All feedback is very welcome! 

This is a joint work of Raul Mur-Artal, Juan D. Tardos and J.M.M. 
Montiel from the University of Zaragoza.

Best regards,

Raúl Mur Artal

raulmur at unizar.es

Universidad de Zaragoza
Departamento de Informática e Ingeniería de Sistemas
Escuela de Ingeniería y Arquitectura
Edificio Ada Byron, L1.01

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