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Journal of Field Robotics
Special Issue on Agricultural Robotics

Submissions now due March 7, 2016

Agriculture faces a number of unique social, economic and
environmental challenges. Global population is expected to reach 9
billion by 2050, requiring agricultural production to double in order
to meet food demands. Farm enterprises require new and innovative
technology to address these challenges. Robotics is one of these
technologies that promises to provide a solution.

The Journal of Field Robotics (JFR) announces its second special issue
on agricultural robotics. We invite papers that exhibit theory and
methods applied to robotic systems in agriculture including, but not
limited to:
* Aerial and ground robotic platforms for soil/crop monitoring,
prediction, and decision making;
* Manipulators and platforms for soil preparation, seeding, weeding,
crop protection, and harvesting;
* Arable farming, livestock farming, protected cultivation, and forestry;
* Automation of vertical farming, greenhouse cultivation, and phenotyping;
* Novel perception for agricultural robots including passive and active methods;
* Approaches to low-cost sensing for day/night continuous operation;
* Long-term autonomy and navigation in unstructured environments;
* Perception for appearance and geometric change (possibly caused by
seasonal and weather changes, or deployment in a new crop) for
long-term autonomy;
* Adaptive sampling and informative data collection;
* Deployment strategies and user interfaces for end-users;
* Standardized benchmarks and long-term datasets in changing
agricultural environments.

We encourage contributions that focus on agriculture, covering
different fields of robotics, computer vision, autonomous vehicles,
manipulation, control, path planning, human computer interaction, and
machine learning. We also encourage field reports from end users and
Original Equipment Manufacturers regarding technology integration in
the agricultural workplace.

Papers for this special issue must provide technical descriptions of
systems, analysis, and results of experimentation. Lessons learned in
development and operation are pertinent to the discussion. JFR
encourages multimedia content and this issue seeks inclusion of media
illustrating system concepts and field experiments.

Submission Instructions:
The submissions must conform to the JFR guidelines. This special issue
will follow a rolling schedule. The papers can be submitted anytime
till March 7, 2016. The papers will be reviewed and a decision made,
as and when they are received. Papers that are accepted will appear
online within two weeks of decision. All the accepted papers will then
appear in the special print issue of JFR.

* March 7, 2016 - Deadline for submissions
* June 15, 2016 - Final manuscripts for publication

Special issue guest editors:
Pratap Tokekar (Virginia Tech), tokekar at vt.edu
Jnaneshwar Das (University of Pennsylvania), djnan at seas.upenn.edu
Ben Upcroft (Queensland University of Technology), ben.upcroft at qut.edu.au
David Ball (Queensland University of Technology), david.ball at qut.edu.au
Anton van den Hengel (University of Adelaide),
anton.vandenhengel at adelaide.edu.au
Eldert J. van Henten (Wageningen UR), eldert.vanhenten at wur.nl

Authors interested can discuss submissions with the special issue guest editors.

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