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Fri Nov 18 12:17:38 PST 2016

 What we do

INTELLIGENT ROBOTS is aiming at developing absolutely intelligent robots
for the future via leveraging the exciting breakthrough in artificial
intelligence (AI).

Our first conquer is to replace the conveyor belts in warehouse by our
smart RPuck robots, which can autonomously navigate in the warehouse and
transport items from one point to another.

Currently, most of the transport tasks in small and medium-sized warehouses
are accomplished by conveyor belts and labours. However, the conveyor belts
are expensive and inflexible. In addition, labours cannot keep constant
efficiency and requires comprehensive management. Our RPuck WILL CHANGE

With RPuck, we are providing low-cost, flexible and easy-to-use solution to
warehouses, boosting their performance, and bringing a fundamental
evolution to the warehouse industry.

 We're looking for talented and passionate machine learning engineers to
join our London-based team. Let’s rock the industry together!
Job Title

Machine Learning Engineer
Your Role

RPuck is powered by the state-of-the-art techniques in machine learning.
Without solid theoretical and empirical AI foundations, RPuck cannot
achieve a high level of intelligence and autonomy.

Your rich knowledge and experience on machine learning will contribute to
the application of deep learning to the signal of sensors, especially the
camera signal. You will work on retrieving information from sensor signals
with better efficiency and higher quality. And this retrieval should be
compatible with the limitations of the robot’s embedded system.
What We Require

·       strong knowledge in machine learning and deep learning techniques

·       expert in Python and C/C++ knowledge

·       experience in embedded system development

·       flexible to changes and adhere to the new frameworks and

·       PhD level in machine learning fields

·       great passion for the industry he/she is working on
Skills That Would Be Useful

·       background or experience on robotics or image processing

·       knowledge of hardware development or development on ROS (Robot
Operating System)
Why Join Us

·       You'll be working closely with our smart and hardworking team. They
all have strong and wide interests in advanced technologies, so you will
never be bored and dried up with common topics.

·       The working environment is very friendly. You will feel loving to

·       Your work will bring evolutions to a billion-dollar and
fast-growing industry. RPuck is designed to relief the pains of our
customers, and your contribution will influence hundreds of thousands of

·       We are a technology company and you will be at core position. Your
talent is the key to company’s success.

·       We’ll pay a salary of £40k – 50k/annum depending on experience

·       We’re also offering option ranging from 0.1% - 0.5% depending on

·       Name: Kaiyan

·       Email: kaiyan at rpuck.com

·       Job Ref: RPDL1609

·       Please enclose your CV and cover letter in your email.

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