[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Four Ph.D. vacancies in measurement robotics and automated & connected driving

Michael Buchholz michael.buchholz at uni-ulm.de
Fri Nov 25 02:49:31 PST 2016

Dear all,

the Institute of Measurement, Control, and Microtechnology at Ulm 
University offers four vacancies to be filled from February 1^st , 2017 
or later. All positions are in full-time and offer the opportunity to 
pursue a doctoral degree. The closing date for applications is January 
6^th , 2017. Details of the positions can be found below.

Application requirements are

  * a master's degree from a university in the field of engineering
    sciences, computer science or any related field with a
    specialization in measurement and control technology, automation or
  * good knowledge in the field of modern signal processing and system
  * good programming skills in C / C++,
  * a high degree of autonomy and self-responsibility in fulfilling the
  * good German language skills due to the funding by a national
    ministry and the respective report liability in German as well as
    project meetings with only German partners.

In the following, you will find a short summary of the positions’ 
background. Detailed information as well as application instructions (in 
German) can be found in the official job advertisements (cf. links).

*Two PhD positions in the area of automated measuring technology / robotics*

The AuMeRo project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education 
and Research and is a collaboration of several research facilities, a 
renowned industrial company in the field of optical measurement 
technology, and an automotive manufacturer. Its goal is to develop an 
autonomous high-precision measuring robot for highly accurate geometry 
and surface detection of components such as vehicle doors or bonnets in 
the production process. The robot should be able to drive to components 
and to perform the measurement task there independently. Research 
focuses on the combination of concepts from digital optics, data fusion, 
pattern recognition, and localization in order to develop a flexible, 
precise, and realizable system.

Detailed information can be found in the official job advertisement 

*Two PhD positions in the area of highly automated and connected driving*

You will be working to enable highly automated and autonomous driving to 
become a reality in urban areas. In such an environment, automated 
vehicles face the challenge that their own sensors can no longer fully 
perceive their surroundings in all situations. As part of a publicly 
funded project to be carried out with well-known automotive 
manufacturers and suppliers, complex maneuvers in the city center, such 
as merging at intersections and preference roads, will be supported by 
the use of additional external sensors for traffic detection and mobile 
communication (Car2X). Such an infrastructure will be built up in the 
city of Ulm and will be evaluated in real traffic. The research area of 
the two positions comprises detection and tracking of traffic 
participants, sensor fusion, as well as functional development in one of 
the fully automated test vehicles of the institute. The institute's 
extensive prior experience and existing software modules can be used for 
both tasks.

Detailed information can be found in the official job advertisement 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions 
concerning your possible application. We are looking forward to hear 
from you.

Kind regards,

*Dr.-Ing. Michael Buchholz*
Institut für Mess-, Regel- und Mikrotechnik
Universität Ulm
Albert-Einstein-Allee 41
89081 Ulm

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