[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Postdoctoral fellows, PhD students and research assistant positions in manipulation robotics and cable-driven robots at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

darwinlau at mae.cuhk.edu.hk darwinlau at mae.cuhk.edu.hk
Tue Nov 29 07:30:58 PST 2016

We are seeking for candidates for postdoctoral fellows, PhD students and
research assistants at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for the
following projects.

1) Large-scale cable robots for robotic architecture and construction:
Cable-driven robots have the potential for applications that require the
manipulation of heavy objects in large environments. In this project,
these advantages will be used to explore and realise the opportunities for
using cable-driven robots within architecture and robotic construction on
various specific applications that are currently in demand by the
construction industry.

2) Operational space control of musculoskeletal cable-driven robots: The
goal of this project is to study the control of redundantly actuated
musculoskeletal robots in the operational space, much like how humans can
perform motion tasks in a simple manner. The project will involve the
development of musculoskeletal platforms and the study of control
strategies, such as motion primitives and predictive controllers, to be
tested on hardware.

3) Cable-driven exo-musculoskeleton for muscle-specific upper limb
The bio-inspired nature of cable-driven robots, that is, its similarities
with human muscles, will be used in the development and study of a
cable-driven exo-musculoskeleton for targeted muscle-specific
rehabilitation. This project will involve the mechanical development,
investigation of control strategies, performing of experiments on human
subjects and assessment of the effect of the new system compared to
existing approaches.

Requirements for research assistants and PhD students:
- Master degree in robotics, mechatronics or equivalent (outstanding
undergraduate student could also be considered)
- Hands-on skills in mechatronics device design and prototyping
- Experience in programming and engineering software, such as C++,
Solidworks, MATLAB or ROS.
- Good analytical, writing and presentation skills
- Highly self-motivated, creative thinking, hands-on skills, good team
player and interpersonal skills

Requirements for postdoctoral fellows:
- PhD degree in Robotics or Mechatronics or equivalent
- Independent research ability and leadership skills
- Practical skills and experience in robotics
- Experienced with robot modelling and control using ROS, C++, etc. - Good
analytical, writing and presentation skills
- Highly self-motivated, creative thinking, hands-on skills, team work and
interpersonal skills

Monthly salary and fringe benefits: salary will be highly competitive,
commensurate with qualifications and experience. For postdoctoral fellow
and research assistant, contract is typically yearly based and renewal is
upon mutual agreement.

Application procedure: to apply, please send your CV and any supporting
documents to darwinlau at mae.cuhk.edu.hk. Please specify which position and
project you wish to be considered for.

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