[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] IROS 2016 Workshop on Human-Robot Collaboration: Towards Co-Adaptive Learning Through Semi-Autonomy and Shared Control

Luka Peternel Luka.Peternel at iit.it
Fri Oct 7 01:36:01 PDT 2016

Dear all,

We would kindly like to invite you to participate in IROS 2016 Workshop on Human-Robot Collaboration: Towards Co-Adaptive Learning Through Semi-Autonomy and Shared Control that will be held in ROOM #111 of Daejeon Convention Center on Monday 10th of October, 2016. The workshop starts at 8:30 AM local time. We hope to see you soon.


-Co-adaptation between human and robot
-Learning and modelling human-robot interaction, human instructions and collaborative behaviour
-Methods for self-improvement, interactive and incremental learning of collaborative tasks
-Shared control between human and robot in online learning of coupled tasks
-Intention recognition, skill level/gap evaluation and role allocation
-Transferring and reusing skills from human-human tasks and from existing human-robot tasks to new scenarios
-Discussion on current and future applications of semi and shared autonomy in human-robot collaboration: industrial, rescue, surgical, rehabilitation, home-care, companion, etc.

-Arash Ajoudani (Italian Institute of Technology, Italy)
-Heni Ben Amor (Arizona State University, USA)
-Sylvain Calinon (Idiap Research Institute, Switzerland)
-Anca Dragan (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
-Ross Knepper (Cornell University, USA)
-Dongheui Lee (TU Munich, Germany)
-Yukie Nagai (Osaka University, Japan)
-Fumihide Tanaka (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
-Eiichi Yoshida (AIST, Japan)

Luka Peternel (HRI2, ADVR, IIT, Italy)
Guilherme Maeda (IAS, TU Darmstadt, Germany)
Leonel Rozo (IIT, Italy)
Serena Ivaldi (INRIA Nancy Grand-Est, France)
Claudia Pérez D'Arpino (MIT, USA)
Julie A. Shah (MIT, USA)
Jan Babič (JSI, Slovenia)
Tamim Asfour (KIT, Germany)
Erhan Oztop (Ozyegin University, Turkey)

Our workshop is associated with a special issue in Autonomous Robots. We would like to invite participants to submit significant research results to Autonomous Robots: Special Issue on Learning in Human-Robot Cooperation.

This workshop receives support from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programmes (FP7-ICT-2013-10) under grant agreement 610878 3rd Hand Robot Project, under grant agreement 600716 CoDyCo Project and FP7 MC-CIG under grant agreement 321700 Converge Project  (Convergent Human Learning for Robot Skill Generation); and from the European Community’s Horizon 2020 under grant agreement 687662 SPEXOR Project.

This workshop is supported by the IEEE Robotics and Automation’s Technical Committee on Human-Robot Interaction & Coordination, the Technical Committee on Cognitive Robotics (CORO), the Technical Committee on Humanoid Robotics, and the Technical Committee on Telerobotics.

On behalf of organisers,
Luka Peternel

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