[robotics-worldwide] [news] New MOOC Course on Robotics Foundations

Bruno Siciliano siciliano at unina.it
Tue Oct 18 00:55:10 PDT 2016

Dear Roboticists around the World,

my MOOC course "Robotics Foundations I - Robot Modelling" is now open

It's the first of a two-part course based on our textbook /Robotics — 
Modelling, Planning and Control/, by B. Siciliano, L. Sciavicco, L. 
Villani, G. Oriolo, 
which has evolved throughout the last 25 years I have been teaching 
robotics at University of Napoli Federico II.

The first part covers the introduction to robotics and modelling 
(Chapters 1, 2, 3, 7 of the textbook). The course will be open until 28 
February 2017.

I hope you will enjoy the course and learn about the exciting challenges 
of Robotics. As I use to say to my students, keep the gradient ;-)

Bruno Siciliano

1. Introduction to Robotics
2. Industrial Robotics and Advanced Robotics
3. Representation of Orientation
4. Direct Kinematics
5. Inverse Kinematics
6. Jacobian
7. Differential Kinematics
8. Inverse Kinematics Algorithms
9. Statics
10. Lagrange Formulation
11. Use of Dynamic Model
12. Newton-Euler Formulation

prof bruno siciliano
IEEE fellow, ASME fellow, IFAC fellow
past president IEEE robotics & automation society
chair of automation engineering study course
department of electrical engineering and information technology
director of ICAROS center
university of naples federico II
via claudio 21, 80125 napoli, italy
tel +39 0817683179
mob +39 368605665
emailsiciliano at unina.it
skype bsiciliano

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