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Arash Ajoudani Arash.Ajoudani at iit.it
Wed Oct 19 23:23:48 PDT 2016

The Advanced Robotics Research Line at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), an English-language research Institute placed in Genoa, Italy, is seeking to appoint 2 well-motivated full-time post-docs who will have a key research role in the area of mechatronics development of compliant hand end-effectors and soft manipulation control.

The selected applicants for these positions will join an interdisciplinary research group and have the opportunity to pursue research within the H2020 SOMA project ("Soft Manipulation") carried out in collaboration with other leading Universities and research Institutes in Europe. The SOMA project is funded by the European Commission with grant agreement n. 645599.

Research will focus on the development and control of highly adaptable compliant and robust robotic hands and end-effectors, integrating novel soft robotics design solutions and compliant actuation principles and technologies.  The developed systems will be employed to provide effective and stable manipulation of demanding and partially unknown objects.

We are looking for highly motivated scientists with a background and PhD in Robotics, Control Theory, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and a well-established publications record in one or more of the following areas:

-        Control or robots

-        Force/Impedance control

-        Robotic manipulation and grasping

-        Force/Impedance control

-        Perception driven reflexive grasping

-        Grasp planning, re-planning and optimization for powerful and/or dexterous manipulation

-        Compliant actuation, tendon transmissions and under actuation principles

-        Design of robotic hands/fingers or other type of robotic end-effectors and grippers with customized actuation

-        Compliant actuation, tendon transmissions and under actuation principles

-        Software development (C++, ROS)

Proficiency in one of more areas, which include control of robots, robotic grasping and manipulation, robot kinematics/dynamics, grasping control and physical system modelling, are considered essential. Excellent hands-on practical skills will be a plus.
International applications are encouraged. The successful candidates will be offered a for two-year contract with a highly competitive salary which will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Applicants may also qualify for tax relief. For further information please contact: Arash Ajoudani (arash.ajoudani at iit.it<mailto:arash.ajoudani at iit.it>), Domenico Prattichizzo (domenico.prattichizzo at iit.it<mailto:domenico.prattichizzo at iit.it>) and Nikos Tsagarakis (nikos.tsagarakis at iit.it<mailto:nikos.tsagarakis at iit.it>).

Interested applicants should submit their CV in electronic form outlining experience and qualifications, a complete list of publications and a list of the three most relevant publications, a statement of research interests and plans, and 2 reference letters to Arash Ajoudani, Domenico Prattichizzo and Nikos Tsagarakis (applications at iit.it<mailto:applications at iit.it>) quoting "SOMA PostDoc CB: 71444 - 71445" in the email header.

Please apply by November 17th, 2016.

Kind regards,
Arash Ajoudani

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Arash Ajoudani, Ph.D.
Researcher (TT)
Human-Robot Interfaces and Physical Interaction (HRI2) Lab<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__iit.it_research_lines_human-2Drobot-2Dinterfaces-2Dand-2Dphysical-2Dinteraction&d=DQIFAg&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rStC00sfV_qVWqlcnmGhKrRoTMim5rLso-FTzVW2NfNyo&m=TRTSfhSdwfMNhxrccKckmGvLr3uA0WchrkqxELeoVyI&s=i1l88dNe7JLA4Jytej2Ux4584XwSizRSWccawWIKEGs&e= >
Department of Advanced Robotics
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)
Via Morego 30, 16163, Genova, Italy
Webpage: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__iit.it_people_arash-2Dajoudani&d=DQIFAg&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rStC00sfV_qVWqlcnmGhKrRoTMim5rLso-FTzVW2NfNyo&m=TRTSfhSdwfMNhxrccKckmGvLr3uA0WchrkqxELeoVyI&s=_BHNogLSM1PG7cdL06J1iHzP09BvczOPGhL3vblsFro&e= 

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