[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Robotics Software Engineer at Mayfield Robotics

Kaijen Hsiao kaijen at mayfieldrobotics.com
Thu Oct 20 00:17:18 PDT 2016

At Mayfield Robotics, we’re building an adorable home robot. Our team in
Redwood City, CA is growing quickly, and we need some help getting our
robot designed, built, and shipped.

We are looking for a Robotics Software Engineer to help bring our robot’s
personality to life as it discovers and interacts with the world, all on
its own. Working collaboratively with our Product Team, this role will be
key to ensuring our robot acts as amazing as it looks and responds
appropriately to real life, so it can delight, inspire, and connect people.
Our goal is to build software that’s so good, people will forget it’s
software; intelligent without feeling artificial.

An overabundance of fun and exciting challenges face the intrepid Engineer
confronting the ever-changing, pet-inhabited, LEGO-strewn chaos that is our
users’ homes. But never fear - you won’t be on your own - we have assembled
an awesome software team (eight and growing!) to pull together to execute
and ship our robot to its adoptive homes. If you’re looking to join a team
that’s richly talented, charmingly diverse, sometimes goofy, and 100%
passionate about all things robots, you’re looking in the right place.

More information about the position can be found here:


If you are interested, please click the 'Apply Now' button at the above

We are also looking for interns for winter, spring, and summer.  Please add
'intern' in the subject line if you are applying for an internship rather
than a full-time position.

Best regards,
Kaijen Hsiao
CTO, Mayfield Robotics

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