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Paul Newman thepmn at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 1 04:10:11 PDT 2016

Post Doc Position at Oxford University’s Robotics Institute

We are seeking to appoint a new research assistant (post doc) to to join the Oxford Robotics Institute at the University of Oxford.
The Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI) is a newly formed research instutute which grew from the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group (mrg.robots.ox.ac.uk)  With over 50 members, it holds a world leading position in navigation, mapping, and scene interpretation with a particularly strong systems focus. Our scientific focus can be described as "having machines know what is where, where they are and what they should do". Everything we do seeks to conquer the technical challenges that this phrase implies. We specialize in large scale mobile autonomy - both indoors and outdoors. We seek to change the form and magnitude of the impact of robotics science. We want to develop the algorithms and techniques that makes robotics a foundational technology in construction, space exploration, decommissioning, logistics, transport, mining, defense and agriculture. We have some ambition.

We are open minded about the particular specialism of applicants so long as they have a desire to solve the robotics science problems that stand between us the widespread use of robotic and autonomous systems in the field. Applicants working in the aerial, land or subterranean domains with systems experience are very welcome.

Further particulars are available at the address posted below or by contacting the institute director Prof Paul Newman (pnewman at robots.ox.ac.uk) or Prof. Ingmar Posner ingmar at robots.ox.ac.uk. 

We look forward to hearing from you - we have a lot of fun working on interesting problems. 

Paul Newman
pnewman at robots.ox.ac.uk

Further Particulars

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