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Mohsen Jafarzadeh mohsen.jafarzade at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 19:01:22 PDT 2016

Journal of Applied Research and Technology published a new open access
article about path planning:

Humanoid robot path planning with fuzzy Markov decision processes

In contrast to the case of known environments, path planning in unknown
environments, mostly for humanoid robots, is yet to be opened for further
development. This is mainly attributed to the fact that obtaining thorough
sensory information about an unknown environment is not functionally or
economically applicable. This study alleviates the latter problem by
resorting to a novel approach through which the decision is made according
to fuzzy Markov decision processes (FMDP), with regard to the pace. The
experimental results show the efficiency of the proposed method.

Fuzzy Markov decision processes; Vision based path planning; Path planning
in unknown environments; Humanoid robots


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