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Wed Sep 14 14:20:51 PDT 2016

The Autel Robotics, Silicon Valley office, is looking for exceptional
engineers/scientists to work on exciting drone projects. We have multiple
openings on machine perception where the primary tasks are to tackle the
challenging, perception problems for autonomous drone flight. 

A successful candidate should have 
1) Good understanding on one of the related fields for drone /mobile-robot
2) Demonstrable record of software development experience, and 
3) Good communication skills. 

The related fields of study for our drone perception problems include sensor
fusion, object detection and tracking, state estimation, mapping and
localization using various measurements from different sensing modalities,
including image, lidar, radar, etc. Any advanced understanding or knowledge
and/or hand-on experience on computer vision and machine learning would be
seriously considered. For the experience on software development, it’d be
perfect if a candidate can share with us any of his prior codes, for
example, through the Github. As we believe, it’s important for an engineer
to effectively and efficiently communicate in verbal and written form about
his/her designs/products/modules as well as producing codes, a desired
candidate should have strong skills in presenting and documenting his/her
ideas and/or products. 

About Us: The Autel Robotics was established in 2014 as a subsidiary of the
Autel Intelligent Corp., Ltd. aiming at offering exciting drone flight
experience to generic users and exceptional autonomous flight capabilities
to professional drone users. The Autel Intelligent Corp., Ltd founded in
2004 and based in Shenzhen, China is a high-tech company specialized in the
research, manufacture and distribution of consumer UAVs as well as
automotive diagnostic tools. The Autel has more than 1,000 employees across
offices in Asia, the Americas, and Europe, with more than half of our staff
in R&D. Autel Intelligent Corp., Ltd. was valued at more than 600 million
USD by major venture capital firms in 2015. 
   The Autel Robotics less than two years since its establishment released
the X-Star, an intelligent quadcopter with a 4K camera and indoor
positioning system has caught the eyes of thousands of consumers and
distributors. The X-Star is a combination of complex algorithms and advanced
engineering delivered in one concise package, allowing anyone to explore and
capture amazing footage in ultra HD quality. Kestrel is another product that
made its debut at CES 2016 - a tilt-rotor UAV that combines the fixed-wing
airplane’s energy-saving feature and the copter system’s vertical take-off
ability. The Kestrel project was launched in early 2015 and  in a few month,
successfully demonstrated the aircraft’s maiden flight. Capable of flying
autonomously over 100 km, Kestrel can be applied in many industries
including precision agriculture, military surveillance, emergency response
and urban planning. With our R&D teams in China (Shenzhen), Germany (Munich)
and the U.S. (Silicon Valley), we have gathered a group of industry
professionals and academic leaders with a genuine passion for technology and
years of engineering experience. We are determined to extending humans’
reach through aerial technologies with unlimited curiosity. The Autel
Robotics is an industry leader in sales of flying camera drones and
quadcopter products. We offer the top technology in aerial photography,
cinema, and imaging solutions including our X-Star and X-Star Premium

Current Openings: Perception/computer vision scientists/engineers at all

Job Description: The primary task is to perform R&D in perception for
autonomous drone flight. The detailed daily duties include the design,
development, implementation, evaluation, integration of object detection and
tracking, obstacle detection and avoidance, sensor fusion, state estimation,
mapping and localization using various measurements from different sensing
modalities, including image, lidar, radar, etc. 

Required Experience and Education: 
- Masters or Doctorate Degree in EE, CS, Robotics or related area with
minimum 2 years of experience of software development, 
- Bachelor Degree in EE, CS, Robotics or related area with minimum 5 years
of experience of software development 

Required Skills: 
- Passionate about drone and autonomous drone flight, 
- Strong interest in solving hard and challenging drone perception problems, 
- Demonstrable proficiency in C++, Python, 
- Good working knowledge in prototyping using any script languages (e.g.,
Bash, Perl, Python, etc), object-oriented programming languages, 
- Solid understanding of computer vision, object detection and tracking, 
- Strong communication (verbal, written) skills, 

Desired Skills: 
- Experience with integrating, testing and deploying any robotic systems, 
- Familiar with typical programming development toolchain: CMake, ROS,
OpenCV, Boost, Qt, Git, gdb, 
- Experience with hardware devices interfacing, embedded system would be

For more information about the Autel Robotics, please visit:
https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.autelrobotics.com_&d=DQIFaQ&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rSs8MCeFamFEPafDTOhgTfYI&m=RN5Zvy-Johu535RlJuxBHLmmPNLFBfiooS_N6l0nC84&s=l6BhyyjDeF31eS2NL5UoCeA7V8sgeYfjfuxujMmkyMc&e= . 

Please apply by sending a resume to our global recruiting manager, Vivien
Cao, at vivien at autelrobotics.com with a description of your relevant
background and experience. 


Dr. Bob Wang, 
Chief Scientist 
Autel Robotics, Silicon Valley Office.

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