[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Head of Infosys Centre for Artificial Intelligence at IIIT-Delhi, India

Srikanth Saripalli srikanth.saripalli at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 23:46:43 PDT 2016

IIIT-Delhi has established a Centre for Artificial Intelligence with a
multimillion dollar grant from Infosys. The main goals of the centre will
be to conduct research in cutting edge AI problems and their applications,
technology development that can help corporations as well as lead to start
ups, and do manpower development at various levels. Current focus areas of
the centre are:

• Robotics: Planning and control, Multi-agent environments etc.

• Machine Learning and its applications: Deep Learning, Artificial Neural
Networks, Speech and Intent Recognition, Natural Language Processing etc.

• Big Data and Graph analytics: Social networks, Trend analysis,
Recommendation etc.

• Planning, scheduling and allocation: Task Planning, Multi-Objective
Planning, Temporal Planning under Constraints.

• AI for improved software engineering: Bug mining, automated software

• AI for Mobile: AI based services for mobile (Siri, Cortana), Impacts of

Applications are invited for Head for Infosys Centre for Artificial
Intelligence at IIIT-Delhi. The selected candidate will be appointed as
Full Professor. He may also be appointed as Chair Professor, which also
provides extra compensation. The position is open for candidates from all

More about the Centre is given here, and about the faculty Selection
process is given here.

To apply please write to faculty-applications at iiitd.ac.in . For any further
information, please contact the Director of IIIT-Delhi at Jalote at iiitd.ac.in or
the adviser for the centre, Prof. Srikanth Saripalli,
srikanth.saripalli at gmail.com.

The deadline is December 31, 2016.

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