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Gabriel Aguirre-Ollinger elgao68 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 01:54:05 PDT 2016

The Biorobotics Lab of the National University of Singapore (NUS) is
developing novel rehabilitation robotic systems to provide gait training
for individuals with neurological impairments. Our systems include
lower-limb exoskeletons and a robotic walker for overground gait training.
Detailed information about the Biorobotics Lab people and research can be
found at


We are looking for highly motivated PhD candidates with a strong background
in robotics and control to work on the development of advanced control
systems for robotic gait therapy. We prefer to hear from candidates with
previous experience in physical human robot interaction, biomechanics of
human walking and dynamic systems modelling. Specific experience in
rehabilitation is a definite plus.

Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply for a scholarship from the NUS
Graduate School for Integrative Sciences & Engineering (NGS) or the A*STAR
Graduate Scholarship program. Details can be found at


International students should consider the A*STAR Singapore International
Graduate Award (SINGA), designed for students from non-traditional intake
regions including Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Africa. More details
about the Award can be found at:


The candidates’ research will focus primarily on the following aspects: (a)
exoskeleton and walker control algorithms for accelerated relearning of
gait function; (b) bio-inspired compliant and force-controllable actuators
with variable impedance; (c) neuromuscular models of walking gait in
impaired patients.

Interested candidates please send your CV and a letter stating your
research interests and goals to Prof. Haoyong Yu (bieyhy at nus.edu.sg).

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