[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] IROS 2017 Workshop on Complex Collaborative Systems and Call for Lightening Talks Abstracts.

Sebastian Scherer basti at andrew.cmu.edu
Fri Aug 18 14:45:19 PDT 2017

We are pleased to announce the following full day workshop offered in conjunction with IROS 2017. The workshop will be held on September 28, Vancouver, Canada. There is an exciting group of leading experts in the field of robotics and learning that will be presenting and participating in workshop activities.
We would like to cordially invite you to attend the workshop. A short summary is provided below. The program information and details are available at: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__theairlab.org_iros2017-5Fworkshop_&d=DwIFaQ&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rSs8MCeFamFEPafDTOhgTfYI&m=TtW4Bxrdm6Ao_B2B-fNaqRf5MoV4oB2q7RYf7SZnzKc&s=KWj_LVtM40hyq-d6MfH8IBl9EGsPqq0qE_A2doyqnCE&e=  <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__theairlab.org_iros2017-5Fworkshop_&d=DwIFaQ&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rSs8MCeFamFEPafDTOhgTfYI&m=TtW4Bxrdm6Ao_B2B-fNaqRf5MoV4oB2q7RYf7SZnzKc&s=KWj_LVtM40hyq-d6MfH8IBl9EGsPqq0qE_A2doyqnCE&e= >
Lightening Talks: We would like to invite you to participate in our Lightening Talk segment during the workshop by giving a short talk/presentation (10 mins max) on any relevant topic. If interested, please send a short abstract for review and inclusion in the program by September 15, 2017. If selected, we will advertise your talk on the workshop website. Email your abstracts to:
Zohaib Mian - mianzt at utrc.utc.com <mailto:mianzt at utrc.utc.com>
Sebastian Scherer - basti at andrew.cmu.edu <mailto:basti at andrew.cmu.edu>
Sanjiban Choudhury -  sanjibac at andrew.cmu.edu <mailto:sanjibac at andrew.cmu.edu>
Please don’t forget to register for the workshop at: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.iros2017.org_registration-2Dtravel_registration&d=DwIFaQ&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rSs8MCeFamFEPafDTOhgTfYI&m=TtW4Bxrdm6Ao_B2B-fNaqRf5MoV4oB2q7RYf7SZnzKc&s=SeKvUNvlkCuongh3OhFSeZVuW3AhFjSB0sjVPHIL6HY&e=  <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.iros2017.org_registration-2Dtravel_registration&d=DwIFaQ&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rSs8MCeFamFEPafDTOhgTfYI&m=TtW4Bxrdm6Ao_B2B-fNaqRf5MoV4oB2q7RYf7SZnzKc&s=SeKvUNvlkCuongh3OhFSeZVuW3AhFjSB0sjVPHIL6HY&e= > and feel free to forward this announcement to others!
Topic: Complex Collaborative Systems:  Closing the Loop, Learning, and Self-Confidence
The recent advancements in autonomy algorithms and computational hardware have enabled robots to break out of contrived laboratory settings and be deployed in the real world. There is a growing demand for modern civilian and military systems to not only exhibit complex and intelligent behavior in response to external stimuli, but to augment capabilities through machine learning techniques. In order for complex robotic systems to demonstrate intelligent and consistent performance across diverse scenarios that they encounter, it's imperative that a number of distinct, yet interrelated modules (i.e. estimation, decision making, learning, control) are tightly integrated. Today, these individual topics are being widely researched upon in isolation. Hence, this workshop aims to bring together researchers from different communities and discuss problems that occur at the intersection of their fields, present recent advances and contemplate on future directions of research.

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