[robotics-worldwide] [journals] ROBOTICA Volume 35 Part 8 August 2017

Gregory Chirikjian gchirik1 at jhu.edu
Thu Aug 24 06:52:06 PDT 2017

Volume 35 Part 8 August 2017

The Generalized Compressed Kalman Filter
Jose E. Guivant                                                                                                1639

Push recovery of a quadruped robot on challenging terrains
Mahdi Khorram and S. Ali A. Moosavian                                                          1670

Three-dimensional formation control based on fi lter backstepping method
for multiple underactuated underwater vehicles
Xue Qi and Zhi-jun Cai                                                                                     1690

Bifurcations and symmetry in two optimal formation control problems for mobile robotic systems
Baoyang Deng, Michael O'Connor and Bill Goodwine                          1712

Industrial compliant robot bases in interaction tasks: a force tracking algorithm
with coupled dynamics compensation
Loris Roveda, Nicola Pedrocchi, Federico Vicentini
and Lorenzo Molinari Tosatti                                                                            1732

Collision-free workspace of parallel mechanisms based on an interval analysis approach
MohammadHadi FarzanehKaloorazi, Mehdi Tale Masouleh
and Stéphane Caro                                                                                           1747

Reliability analysis for mutative topology structure multi-AUV cooperative
system based on interactive Markov chains model
Qingwei Liang, Tianyuan Sun and Liang Shi                                                   1761

An automatic switching approach to teleoperation of mobile-manipulator
systems using virtual fixtures
M. R. Wrock and S. B. Nokleby                                                                         1773

Corrigendum: Multi-contact bipedal robotic locomotion
Huihua Zhao, Ayonga Hereid, Wen-loong Ma and Aaron D. Ames                    1793

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