[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Call for US participation: IROS/NSF Workshop to Explore US/Korean Collaboration in Human-Friendly Co-Robotics Technologies

Voyles, Richard M rvoyles at purdue.edu
Mon Aug 28 12:18:41 PDT 2017

On Sept 25, 2017, at the IROS Conference Site in Vancouver, BC, Canada, there will be a workshop on:

US/Korean Collaboration in Human-Friendly Co-Robotics Technologies
over lunch at the Vancouver Convention Center

The purpose of this workshop will be to bring together US and Korean researchers, with an interest in co-robotics and related technologies, to learn of each others' research interests and strengths and to explore opportunities for joint research collaboration. The meeting will be attended by a variety of US and Korean robotics researchers, some members of the Korean and US scientific funding agencies, and a few corporate observers with ties to high-tech research in both countries. The intent of this initial meeting is to explore opportunities for research collaboration, to explain potential mechanisms for funding, to discuss ingredients for success of collaboration facilitation, and to start a match-making exercise. If this pilot proves feasible and desirable, it is expected this will be the first of several such meetings, which are likely to expand to other countries in the future.

This call for participation is to invite US researchers with an interest in attending the workshop and participating in the exchange, to submit their interest. Because we must limit the participation to a total of 50 people from both countries, the actual workshop will be by invitation only. To submit your interest, please compile a single PDF file consisting of the following information, in the following order:

-          A one-page introduction which includes:

o   Your name, affiliation, and level of interest in international collaboration and reason for applying

o   Any travels abroad in which you visited potential colleagues, other than normal conference attendance

o   Any prior international collaboration, funded or not, starting with any prior Korean collaboration

o   A 1/3-page description of your research interests

o   A 1/3 page description of your lab facilities

-          A recent 2-page, NSF-style bio

-          A list of currently funded projects (recent C&P with pending list deleted is OK)

Compile into a single PDF file and send to RoboticsCollaborationWorkshop at gmail.com<mailto:RoboticsCollaborationWorkshop at gmail.com> with the subject line "US/Korean IROS Application".

We will start reviewing applications and inviting participants on Sept. 4, but welcome applications after that date. If you are invited to participate, you will be required to prepare a short micro-presentation on yourself and your research interests, as well as a one-page statement of your research interests and accomplishments for distribution in a compiled document.

Sept 25 is the first full day of the IROS Conference, not a normal workshop day, and we expect the workshop to run from roughly noon to 2:30 (details to be provided later). Lunch will be provided to all participants of the entire workshop session.

Feel free to forward this message or re-post as desired.

Richard Voyles, Purdue University, USA
Byung-Cheol Min, Purdue University, USA
Junku Yuh, KIST, South Korea

Supported by US NSF/IIS and Korea MOTIE

  -Richard Voyles
    Professor and Director of the Robotics Accelerator
    Purdue University
    West Lafayette, IN
    156 Knoy Hall
    (765) 49-43733

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