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Ehsan Asadi (Dr) easadi at transformarobotics.com
Sat Jul 8 06:21:42 PDT 2017

Transforma Robotics is looking to hire a highly motivated and skilled Computer Vision Engineer to join a multidisciplinary research and development team with diverse backgrounds. The role will primarily consist of the design and development of advanced robotic software for indoor scene reconstruction using 3D sensors (TOF Camera, LiDAR, visual sensor) and fast processing of 3D data (e.g. point clouds), as well as developing algorithms for 3D perception and advanced (visual and data) parsing of indoor architectural point clouds into their semantic features. It is relevant for the project to detect specific objects like multi-surfaces, intersection, corners, windows, pipes, etc. on the point cloud and the results should be classified to the ontology of objects and 3D layout/geometry of each object should be estimated as well. You will be part of the core R&D team and will be involved in the development, verification and integrated implementation of software in Robot Operating System (ROS) for a task-oriented service robot.

This is an excellent opportunity to get involved in a high-tech startup company, working to build the innovative construction service robots. The salary is competitive, and the successful candidate will be rewarded with an exciting role which has many opportunities for career progression.

Qualifications and Desired Skills:

  *   M.S. or Ph.D. degree in CS, EE, ME or related fields
  *   Strong interest in computer vision,  robotics,  and robot vision
  *   Experience with depth/point-cloud data processing and 3D reconstruction is desired
  *   Experience in 3D perception (3D geometry)
  *   Expertise in one or more of the following areas: applying state-of-art machine learning algorithm, software system Integration and testing, image processing, robot vision
  *   Strong Proficiency in Programming using C++, Python and experience with Linux
  *   Knowledge and experience working with libraries such as PCL and OpneCV, as well as working with Robot Operating System (ROS)
  *   Familiarity with deep learning neural network libraries and/or GPU programming would be an advantage.

Application procedure:

Interested candidates, please send your CV to easadi AT transformarobotics.com and hr AT transformarobotics.com.

An interview will be conducted for each profile fitting the requirement. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

For more information, you can contact Professor Chen I-Ming, Chair of Robotics Research Center, NTU, and Co-founder & CEO of Transforma Robotics: michen AT transformarobotics.com.

About Transforma Robotics:

Transforma Robotics is a high-tech startup company at the forefront of new technologies and innovations in automating construction services:  a spin-off company from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and well supported by NTUitive and government agencies such as the Jurong Town Corporation (JTC Corp), Singapore. The company mission is to develop and integrate modular robotic platforms with artificial intelligence and data analytics to tackle real-life challenges of productivity and safety in the construction industry. We have a dynamic and highly educated team, and currently looking for more talented engineers to grow our team.

Ehsan Asadi (Dr) | Co-founder, Director & Principal Scientist | Transforma Robotics
Innovation Centre Block 2, 18 Nanyang Drive,  #02-221, Singapore 637723
Tel | (65) 8575 7530 GMT+8hm, Email | easadi at transformarobotics.com

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