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Rod Grupen grupen at cs.umass.edu
Thu Jul 13 14:14:59 PDT 2017

Dear RSS community -

Please join us on Sunday, July 16 at our workshop

(Empirically) Data Driven Manipulation 
Robotics, Science and Systems Workshop
Boston, MA. July 16, 2017

Our discussion will focus on those challenges involved in making the data-driven approach work for robotic manipulation. This workshop will bring together experts at the forefront of the field that consider how manipulation systems can exploit data sets that are complicated, multi-modal, unlabeled, and expensive.

Topic 1: The High Cost of Data
9:30	Introduction by organizers
9:35	Speaker 1: Aude Billard
9:55	Speaker 2: Pieter Abbeel
10:15	Discussion co-directed by speakers 1 and 2
10:30	Coffee Break
Topic 2: Priors (Data vs Models)
11:00	Introduction by organizers
11:05	Speaker 3: Jiaji Zhou
11:25	Speaker 4: Byron Boots
11:45	Discussion co-directed by speakers 3 and 4
12:00	Lunch break
Highlight Talks and Posters
14:00	Introduction by organizers
14:05	Highlight Talks from poster presenters
14:40	Poster session
15:00	Coffee Break / Poster session
Topic 3: Agreements and Disagreements between Physics and Data
15:30	Introduction by organizers
15:40	Speaker 5: Jan Peters
16:00	Speaker 6: Kris Hauser
16:20	Speaker 7: Siddhartha Srinivasa
16:40	Discussion co-directed by speakers 5, 6 and 7
17:10	Closing remarks

Kind regards,

The organizing committee:
	Maria Bauza (MIT), Gilwoo Lee (CMU), Robbie Paolini (CMU), 
	Rod Grupen (UMass), Alberto Rodriguez (MIT)

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