[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] 3 fully-funded PhDs in robotics & computer vision [Rustam Stolkin]

Amir Masoud Ghalamzan Esfahani a.ghalamzanesfahani at bham.ac.uk
Sun Jul 16 08:51:10 PDT 2017

University of Birmingham, UK, are urgently seeking high calibre candidates to fill several fully-funded PhD positions in a variety of areas of robotics, computer vision and AI, especially vision-guided grasping and manipulation (but a variety of projects are possible with some flexibility). The PhDs will be supervised by Professor Rustam Stolkin, with co-supervision from our senior Post-Doctoral Research Fellows and senior robotics engineers, industry collaborators, and international research collaborators.

The University of Birmingham offers some of the top robotics teams and facilities in the UK. Prof. Stolkin is currently leading >11million live research grants, with collaborations spanning 7 countries on 3 continents. Our Extreme Robotics Lab includes a new 400m2 lab space, and >£1million state-of-the-art robots, high-spec vision systems, and high power computing facilities for e.g. deep learning.

We have a focus on applying advanced robotics to extreme environments, such as cleaning up nuclear waste. Therefore all PhD projects will be linked to significant industrial applications of major societal importance, and PhD students will have opportunities to interact with very exciting end-users and collaborators, including NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and the nuclear agencies of UK, France, Japan and South Korea. We also have extensive collaborations with the UK subsidiary of major robot manufacturer KUKA (KUKA-UK is sited just a few minutes away from the University).

Funding: for EU citizens, we will pay all tuition fees plus a competitive living allowance of approx. £14,000 per year. For non-EU citizens, we might only be able to cover the (much larger) oversees-rate tuition fees. However, we may still be able to help with living costs for non-EU citizens, especially for very outstanding candidates. Note that the city of Birmingham (UK’s second biggest city) has a remarkably low cost of living compared to other UK cities such as London, while also offering a very vibrant and culturally rich environment.

Requirements: high scoring undergraduate degree, from a high calibre institution, in engineering, computer science or other relevant numerate discipline, and a strong  Masters degree with demonstrated project experience in robotics, AI, or vision. Candidates should also preferably be strong coders and will be expected to independently develop the high standard coding skills needed to carry out their project.

All inquiries should be initially directed to Prof. Stolkin’s assistant and Dr. Daniela Ionescu via D.Ionescu at bham.ac.uk<mailto:D.Ionescu at bham.ac.uk>, including a full CV.


We will continue interviewing until high standard candidates are found.

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