[robotics-worldwide] [Jobs] Internship position available at SoftBank Robotics (Paris)

Angelica LIM alim at softbankrobotics.com
Mon Jul 17 05:43:44 PDT 2017

Established in 2005, SoftBank Robotics (formerly Aldebaran) has 450
employees and is headquartered in France with offices in China, Japan and
the United States. For almost 10 years, SoftBank Robotics has been driving
technology into a new world by designing humanoid robots and has become the
worldwide leader in humanoid robotics.

Our robots (NAO, Pepper, Romeo) are used in more than 70 countries in
various fields, such as research, education, retail, care, tourism or

For the future, SoftBank Robotics has embraced the ambitious goal of
developing humanoid robots for everyone. SoftBank Robotics believes that in
coming years robots will positively impact our lives to the same extent as
PCs and mobile devices did during the past 3 decades. Robots will change
the way we learn, work and communicate.

Within the Expressivity team, you will develop software to ensure an
expressive, natural and fun interactions between Softbank Robotics robots
and the people around them. You will work on a system to detect when a
human physically interacts with a robot's body, such as pulling on its arm,
opening its hand, etc. The goal is to allow our robots to have lifelike
reactions to these human interactions. You will lead the creation of a
database of samples, for use in algorithm creation and testing. The
software algorithms you write will be robust within real-world environments.

Main tasks
- Create a dataset of annotated physical interactions containing sensor
values within a human-robot interaction
- Extract pertinent features, if applicable
- Choose and customize a machine learning method to work with real-world
HRI data

Who we're looking for
You have a background in signal processing and machine learning, ideally in
a robotics environment. The ideal candidate will have the ability to write
optimised algorithms and code with low CPU consumption, to be embedded in a
robot. You will gain experience in Agile development methodologies and
delivering high-quality software to customers. Prior experience with NAO or
Pepper is highly appreciated.

Dynamic, autonomous and with good programming skills in Python, you have a
passion for human-robot interaction, artificial intelligence or cognitive

Love new challenges and want to participate in an adventure out of the

Send us your application (resume + cover letter) at
recrutement at softbankrobotics.com
This position is available immediately, for an internship between 3-6

Angelica Lim, Ph.D.
Software Engineering Manager
SoftBank Robotics Europe


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