[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Postdoc, Machine Vision Engineer and Internship openings at PAVIS on automatic visual inspection

Pavis Pavis at iit.it
Thu Jul 20 07:54:17 PDT 2017

The Pattern Analysis and Computer Vision department (PAVIS) at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) in Genoa is looking for highly qualified candidates with a strong background in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, with particular emphasis on automatic visual inspection and other related areas (e.g., recognition, video analysis, 3D reconstruction, SLAM, etc.). The main mission of PAVIS is to design and develop innovative image- and video-based intelligent systems, characterized by the use of highly functional smart sensors and advanced data analytics features. PAVIS also plays an active role in supporting the other IIT Research Lines providing scientists in Neuroscience, Nanophysics and Robotics with ad hoc solutions. The PAVIS group is involved in activities concerning computer vision and pattern recognition, machine learning, 3D reconstruction, multimodal data analysis and sensor fusion, and embedded computer vision systems. The lab will pursue this goal by working collaboratively and in cooperation with external private and public partners.
PAVIS is actively working in transferring technology and developing innovative systems to boost industrial advancements at both national and international level. The research and development theme is related to the creation of novel visual inspection systems in the avionics, photonics, energy and luxury fashion industries. The projects are related to challenging problems for which a solution is not currently available in the market and with high expectations of publishing and patenting the research results.
These projects will be conducted in strict collaboration with major industrial partners at both national and international level.
The positions open are at different level of experience (Postdoc, Machine Vision Engineer and internship) and the positions requires knowledge on computer vision, pattern recognition or related areas. Strong programming skills and practical knowledge of deep learning architectures  are a plus together with collaboration experience with companies. Salary will be commensurate to qualification and experience and in line with international standards. Further enquires can be addressed by email to pavis at iit.it quoting in the subject: Visual inspection position at PAVIS.
Please send your completed application forms along with a curriculum listing all publications (possibly including a pdf of your most representative publications), a statement describing your previous research experience and outlining its relevance to the above topics and names of 2 referees by email to pavis at iit.it , always quoting: Visual inspection position at PAVIS.
This call will remain open and applications will be reviewed until the positions are filled.

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