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The January 2017 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and
Engineering (T-ASE) can be found at the below link. For your convenience,
the TOC is listed below.

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Guest Editorial—Special Section on the Thirteenth IEEE International
Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue
M. A. Hsieh and Y. Sun

Classification of Outdoor 3D Lidar Data Based on Unsupervised Gaussian
Mixture Models
A. Maligo and S. Lacroix
Coordinated Path Planning for Fixed-Wing UAS Conducting Persistent
Surveillance Missions
J. Keller, D. Thakur, M. Likhachev, J. Gallier, and V. Kumar
Environment Exploration in Sensing Automation for Habitat Monitoring
P. A. Plonski, J. Vander Hook, C. Peng, N. Noori, and V. Isler
Monocular Visual–Inertial State Estimation With Online Initialization and
Camera–IMU Extrinsic Calibration
Z. Yang and S. Shen
Parallel Interacting Multiple Model-Based Human Motion Prediction for
Motion Planning of Companion Robots
D. Lee, C. Liu, Y.-W. Liao, and J. K. Hedrick
Postdisaster Electric Power Recovery Using Autonomous Vehicles
B. Moridian, N. Mahmoudian, W. W. Weaver, and R. D. Robinett

Prescriptive Modeling and Compensation of In-Plane Shape Deformation for
3-D Printed Freeform Products
H. Luan and Q. Huang
Automatic Generation of Five-Axis Continuous Inspection Paths for Free-Form
P. Hu, R. Zhang, and K. Tang
Extended-State-Observer-Based Funnel Control for Nonlinear Servomechanisms
With Prescribed Tracking
S. Wang, X. Ren, J. Na, and T. Zeng
RWiN: New Methodology for the Development of Reconfigurable WSN
H. Grichi, O. Mosbahi, M. Khalgui, and Z. Li
Locally Weighted Prediction Methods for Latent Factor Analysis With
Supervised and Semisupervised Process
L. Yao and Z. Ge
Operation Process Rebuilding (OPR)-Oriented Maintenance Policy for
Changeable System Structures
T.-B. Xia, X.-Y. Tao, and L.-F. Xi
WCE Abnormality Detection Based on Saliency and Adaptive
Locality-Constrained Linear Coding
Y. Yuan, B. Li, and M. Q.-H. Meng
Layman Analytics System: A Cloud-Enabled System for Data Analytics Workflow
T. T. Aye, G. K. K. Lee, Y. Su, T. Zhang, C. Lee, H. Kasim, I. Hoe, F.
B.-S. Lee, and T. G. G. Hung
Selective Assembly System With Unreliable Bernoulli Machines and Finite
F. Ju, J. Li, and W. Deng
Quantification of Secrecy in Partially Observed Stochastic Discrete Event
J. Chen, M. Ibrahim, and R. Kumar
Generalized Wavelet Shrinkage of Inline Raman Spectroscopy for Quality
Monitoring of Continuous Manufacturing
of Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper
X. Yue, K. Wang, H. Yan, J. G. Park, Z. Liang, C. Zhang, B. Wang, and J. Shi
Dirichlet Process Gaussian Mixture Models for Real-Time Monitoring and
Their Application to Chemical Mechanical
J. Liu, O. F. Beyca, P. K. Rao, Z. Kong, and S. T. S. Bukkapatnam
Matching Misaligned Two-Resolution Metrology Data
Y. Wang, E. Moreno-Centeno, and Y. Ding
Precision Motion Control of Piezoelectric Nanopositioning Stage With
Chattering-Free Adaptive Sliding Mode
Q. Xu
Online Learning Control of Hydraulic Excavators Based on Echo-State Networks
J. Park, B. Lee, S. Kang, P. Y. Kim, and H. J. Kim
Visual–Inertial Navigation Systems for Aerial Robotics: Sensor Fusion and
F. Santoso, M. A. Garratt, and S. G. Anavatti
A Dynamic-Bayesian-Network-Based Fault Diagnosis Methodology Considering
Transient and Intermittent Faults
B. Cai, Y. Liu, and M. Xie
Optimized Train-Set Rostering Plan for Taiwan High-Speed Rail
Y.-C. Lai, S.-W. Wang, and K.-L. Huang
Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Tracking Control for MIMO Discrete-Time Systems via
Reinforcement Learning Algorithm
With Less Learning Parameters
L. Liu, Z. Wang, and H. Zhang
Finding the Kinematic Base Frame of a Robot by Hand-Eye Calibration Using
3D Position Data
L. Wu and H. Ren
A Novel Control Approach for High-Precision Positioning of a Piezoelectric
Tube Scanner
H. Habibullah, H. R. Pota, and I. R. Petersen
Temporal Task Scheduling With Constrained Service Delay for Profit
Maximization in Hybrid Clouds
H. Yuan, J. Bi, W. Tan, and B. H. Li
Comparing Theoretical and Experimental Results in Gen2 RFID Throughput
P. Šoli´c, J. Maras, J. Radi´c, and Z. Blaževi´c
Learning Bayesian Network Structures to Augment Aircraft Diagnostic
Reference Models
D. L. C. Mack, G. Biswas, X. D. Koutsoukos, and D. Mylaraswamy

A Method for Optimizing the Base Position of Mobile Painting Manipulators
S. Ren, Y. Xie, X. Yang, J. Xu, G. Wang, and K. Chen
Stochastic Point-to-Point Iterative Learning Tracking Without Prior
Information on System Matrices
D. Shen, J. Han, and Y. Wang
Discretization-Based and Look-Ahead Algorithms for the Dubins Traveling
Salesperson Problem
I. Cohen, C. Epstein, P. Isaiah, S. Kuzi, and T. Shima
Dynamic Task Execution Using Active Parameter Identification With the
Baxter Research Robot
A. D. Wilson, J. A. Schultz, A. R. Ansari, and T. D. Murphey
Performance Analysis of LDPC-Based RFID Group Coding
M. Burmester and J. Munilla

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