[robotics-worldwide] [JOBS] Open Research & Development Engineer position available at INRIA (Chroma team) on Advanced Perception and Control for Autonomous Vehicles

Jerome Lussereau jerome.lussereau at inria.fr
Fri Mar 10 01:31:52 PST 2017

Open Research & Development Engineer position available at INRIA (Chroma team) 

on Advanced Perception and Control for Autonomous Vehicles 


The Inria research team Chroma is involved in several academic and industrial projects in the field of Autonomous Vehicles. The proposed R&D work has to be performed in the scope of a multi-annual project of the French IRT nanoelec, in cooperation with the CEA and several industrial companies. The main objective is to develop, to experimentally validate and to demonstrate the capabilities of an Embedded Perception and Decision-making system in the context of Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles applications. Several well published and patented results have already been obtained in the scope of this project. 

Position description: 

A one year (re-newable) Research & Development Engineer position is available at Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes, in the scope of the abovementioned project. The objective is to develop an embedded perception and navigation system for autonomous mobile systems, with an emphasis on real world experiments performed using an automated Renault Zoé vehicle and some other industrial mobile robots. 

The recruited engineer will work within a team of 3 to 4 engineers already working on the project, with occasional interactions with some PhD students and researchers of the Chroma team. He will have to complete the current skills of the team, by bringing complementary skills in one of the following fields: perception, control and/or on-line trajectory planning for safe navigation. 

More precisely, he will have to become familiar with the team’s Bayesian Perception algorithms, in order to be able to propose extensions towards on-line decision-making and navigation actions such as emergency braking or collision avoidance maneuvers. The implementations and the experimentations will be performed using the ROS framework and the experimental platform of the IRT nanoelec (which includes an automated Renault Zoé vehicle). The recruited engineer will also contribute to the improvement of the experimental platform, and he will participate to some scientific publications, industrial conferences or various demonstrations. 


- Engineer with R&D experience or PhD in Computer Science, Robotics or closely related fields. 

- Good theoretical and practical background in one of the following domains : Robotics, Multi-sensors perception , Scene Understanding, and/or Decision-making for safe navigation . 

- Good skills in C/C++, Python and Linux. 

The following qualifications would be an advantage: 

- Experience using the Robotics library ROS 

- Familiarity with CUDA and Boost libraries 

- Theoretical knowledge of Bayesian models 

- Ability to work as a teammate with other researchers 

- Reasonable English skills (written and spoken) 

Application process and agenda: 

The position is to be fulfilled as soon as possible, ideally in May 1 st or June 1 st 2017. 

Applications can immediately be sent and will be evaluated until the position is taken. The initial term is one year, with a possible extension depending on performance. 

Applicants should submit: 

- A one page cover letter describing their background and motivations. 

- Curriculum Vitae with Publication list. 

- Contact information of two referees and their recommendation letters (letters can be sent later). 

Applications should be sent in a single PDF document to: 

christian.laugier at inria.fr , nicolas.turro at inria.fr , jerome.lussereau at inria.fr , olivier.simonin at inria.fr 

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