[robotics-worldwide] [Meetings] Call for Participation: ERF 2017 session on "Human-Robot Interaction in Public Spaces with Naive Users"

Mary Ellen Foster MaryEllen.Foster at glasgow.ac.uk
Fri Mar 10 06:21:41 PST 2017

You are invited to participate in a session at the European Robotics Forum on the topic of HRI in Public Spaces with Naïve Users.

Date: 22 March 2017
Time: 08:30 -- 10:00
Location: Room Ochil 2+3, Edinburgh International Conference Centre
Website: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__sites.google.com_site_erf17hripublic_&d=DwIFAw&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rSs8MCeFamFEPafDTOhgTfYI&m=mMmBgZLeknlXIjHEb1zmcqC2rLEuXiHs7_Po9Bb7LNw&s=-Jtj5Bt5EFk5X6qRQ4vT_bAgQ6B6q81bF2n9pb8pyzw&e= 

(Note that ERF 2017 online registration closes on 13 March 2017; if you wish to attend this session, please register online through https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__www.erf2017.eu_-3Fpage-5Fid-3D2873&d=DwIFAw&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rSs8MCeFamFEPafDTOhgTfYI&m=mMmBgZLeknlXIjHEb1zmcqC2rLEuXiHs7_Po9Bb7LNw&s=QxnicxJbsqeMEFZTnJKVU6k6QAM6pyKfwo7OhFRhkuk&e=  as soon as possible)

More and more robots are going out "into the wild" of public spaces. They are taking on new jobs in order to provide information to ordinary people, to entertain them, or even to simply do a robot's own job while still dealing with humans in their natural habitat. Hence, social interaction between robots and human has gained more and more interest: intuitive interaction and (multi-modal) interface design are key ingredients to be able to effectively and satisfactorily interaction with naive users, who may have very limited experience with not only robots in particular, but also interactive technology in general.

With robots leaving the labs, stakeholders outside the robotics community are also becoming more and more involved and are witnessing the impact of robots in environments they are responsible and care for. Consequently, stakeholders such as managers and owners of public spaces that are now shared by robots need to have (i) a better understanding of what today's interactive robots can and cannot do, and (ii) how interaction with the general public can be facilitated. Last but not least, the potential of robots in public spaces has not yet been fully exploited, and new application domains and tasks are still being developed.

This session will bring together a range of stakeholders from European projects, companies, and robotics competitions in this area to discuss topics of mutual interest. We will begin with a poster/video session where a number of invited participants present their experience working in this area; we will then have a discussion session where participants can join a thematic group discussing a specific topic of mutual interest.

*Confirmed participants*

The following participants have so far confirmed that they will take part in the presentation section of the workshop. Please see the workshop website for an up-to-date list:
- Aurélie Clodic, LAAS-CNRS
- Mary Ellen Foster, University of Glasgow
- Marc Hanheide, University of Lincoln
- Luca Iocchi, Sapienza University
- Pedro U Lima, Instituto Superior Técnico
- Marketta Niemelä, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
- Amit Kumar Pandey, SoftBank Robotics Europe
- Christian Reuther, Metralabs GmbH

- Mary Ellen Foster, University of Glasgow
- Marc Hanheide, University of Lincoln
- Luca Iocchi, Sapienza University
- Amol Deshmukh, University of Glasgow

Dr Mary Ellen Foster, Lecturer in Computing Science

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