[robotics-worldwide] [JOBS] Doctoral position in mobile manipulation at Arts et Métiers - LSIS Laboratory (Lille campus) / CEA List (Saclay) - France

Mon Mar 13 00:50:12 PDT 2017

Doctoral position in Robotics - LSIS  (Lille) / CEA List (Saclay)

Topic: Dynamic accuracy improvement of mobile manipulator for industrial assembly lines

Duration: 36 months
Starting date: before October 30, 2017

Application procedure: Candidates should send a resume and the names of two references to mailto:richard.bearee at ensam.eu
This study will take place within the context of collaborative robotics for assembly and kitting in smart manufacturing. This PhD position aims to develop flexible and collaborative mobile manipulators for factory of the future. In this context, the ability to reach the expected positioning accuracy while optimizing the online coordinated motions of the mobile platform and the manipulator is a critical capability for the industrial sustainability of the mobile manipulator solution working with human in a shared-space. The reduction of the motion-induced vibration of the robot end-effector is one of the challenge to cope with [1].

Job offer description:
One possible approach to cope with the accuracy needs will consist in using the kinematic
redundancy of the mobile manipulator (and of the robot manipulator itself) to maximize a task-oriented objective, e.g. the Cartesian rigidity of the robot in a specified direction. The redundancy resolution will also be investigated in view of reducing the vibrations [2-3]. The second complementary approach will consist in generating the trajectory of the mobile manipulator to ensure the coordinated motion of the mobile platform and the robot manipulator without motion-induced vibrations [4-7].
Lastly, the results will be experimentally validated on existing robots and mobile platforms, such as the Kuka KMR mobile robot and the 7 dof Kuka LWR iiwa.
Skills and Profile:
Strong skills in communications and sensing for robotics , in applied math and object-oriented programming languages are required. Experienced in robotics will be appreciated.  
[1] M. Grossard, N. Chaillet, S. Régnier, Flexible Robotics : Applications to Multiscale Manipulations, ISTE Ltd, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., ISBN 978-1-84821-520-7, 2013.
[2] Y. Bian, Zh. Gao and Ch. Yun, Study on vibration reduction and mobility improvement for the flexible manipulator via redundancy resolution, Nonlinear Dynamics, 65 (4), pp 359-368, 2011.
[3] S-J. Kim and Y-S. Park, Self-motion utilization for reducing vibration of a structurally flexible redundant robot manipulator system, Robotica, 16 (6), pp 669-677, 1998.
[4] R. Béarée, New Damped-Jerk trajectory for vibration reduction, Control Engineering Practice, 28, pp 112-120, 2014.
[5] R. Béarée, A. Olabi, Dissociated jerk-limited trajectory applied to time-varying vibration reduction, Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 29 (3), pp 444-453, 2013.
[6] P. Besset, R. Béarée, O. Gibaru. FIR Filter-Based Online Jerk-Controlled Trajectory Generation. In proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT2016), Taipei, Taiwan, March 2016.
[7] M. Makarov, M. Grossard, P. Rodriguez-Ayerbe, D. Dumur, Comparison of two robust predictive control strategies for trajectory tracking of flexible-joint robots, IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM), Besançon, France, pp. 1704-1709, 8-11 juillet 2014.

Richard Béarée
Maitre de conférences, HDR
Automatique, Robotique
LSIS / Arts et Métiers Lille campus

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