[robotics-worldwide] [journals] Robotica 35(5) May 2017

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Mon Mar 13 04:28:57 PDT 2017

                                                Volume 35 Part 5 May 2017

A framework for safe assisted navigation of semi-autonomous vehicles among moving and steady obstacles
Andrey V. Savkin and Chao Wang                                                                                                                                     981

Closed form Newton-Euler dynamic model of fl exible manipulators
Luca Bascetta, Gianni Ferretti and Bruno Scaglioni                                                                                                1006

A novel planar parallel manipulator with high orientation capability for a hybrid machine tool: kinematics, dimensional synthesis and performance evaluation
Samy F. M. Assal                                                                                                                                                                          1031

Energy expenditure of a biped walking robot: instantaneous and degree-of-freedom-based instrumentation with human gait implications
Dustyn Roberts, Joseph Quacinella and Joo H. Kim                                                                                                1054

Multi-contact bipedal robotic locomotion
Huihua Zhao, Ayonga Hereid, Wen-loong Ma and Aaron D. Ames                                                                1072

Motion planning and implementation for the self-recovery of an overturned multi-legged robot
Saijin Peng, Xilun Ding, Fan Yang and Kun Xu                                                                                                          1107

Extending model-mediation method to multi-degree-of-freedom teleoperation systems experiencing time delays in communication
Emre Uzunoglu and Mehmet ?Ismet Can Dede                                                                                                            1121

A closed-form solution for the position analysis of a novel fully spherical parallel manipulator-ERRATUM
Javad Enferadi and Amir Shahi                                                                                                        1137

Euler-Lagrange as Pseudo-metric of the RRT algorithm for optimal-time trajectory of fl ight simulation model in high-density obstacle environment
Mohammad Altaher and Omaima Nomir                                                                                                                       1138

Dual objective motion planning subject to state constraints
Nader Sadegh                                                                                                                                                                                 1157

Safe manipulation in unknown, crowded environments via sensor-based interleaving planner: interleaving software and sensitive skin hardware
Dugan Um and Dongseok Ryu                                                                                                                                              1176

A new forecasting kinematic algorithm of automatic navigation for a laparoscopic minimally invasive surgical robotic system
Lingtao Yu, Zhengyu Wang, Liqiang Sun, Wenjie Wang, Lan Wang and Zhijiang Du                         1192

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