[robotics-worldwide] [journals] Robotica 35(4) April 2017

Gregory Chirikjian gchirik1 at jhu.edu
Mon Mar 13 04:34:32 PDT 2017

                                                Volume 35 Part 4 April 2017

A model independent observer based output feedback tracking controller for robotic
manipulators with dynamical uncertainties
Erkan Zergeroglu, Enver Tatlicioglu and Egemen Kaleli                                                                  729

Design, analysis, and control of a cable-driven parallel platform with a pneumatic
muscle active support
Xingwei Zhao, Bin Zi and Lu Qian                                                                                                              744

A novel method for slip prediction of walking biped robots
Iyad Hashlamon, Mehmet Mert Gülhan, Orhan Ayit and Kemalettin Erbatur                      766

Modular-robotic structures for scalable collective actuation
Jakub Lengiewicz, Michal Kursa and Pawel Holobut                                                                        787

3D SLAM in texture-less environments using rank order statistics
Khalid Yousif, Alireza Bab-Hadiashar and Reza Hoseinnezhad                                                   809

Self-motions of pentapods with linear platform
Georg Nawratil and Josef Schicho                                                                                                            832

Nonholonomic motion planning for minimizing base disturbances of space
manipulators based on multi-swarm PSO
Qiang Zhang, Lu Ji, Dongsheng Zhou and Xiaopeng Wei                                                                861

Horizontal path following for underactuated AUV based on dynamic circle guidance
Huang Xinjing, Li Yibo, Du Fei and Jin Shijiu                                                                                        876

Development, design and validation of an assistive device for hand disabilities based
on an innovative mechanism
Roberto Conti, Benedetto Allotta, Enrico Meli and Alessandro Ridolfi                                   892

A new method of applying differential kinematics through dual quaternions
Andre Schneider de Oliveira, Edson Roberto De Pieri, and Ubirajara Franco Moreno      907

Distributed model predictive coverage control for decoupled mobile robots
F. Mohseni, A. Doustmohammadi and M. B. Menhaj                                                                      922

Active camera stabilization to enhance the vision of agile legged robots
Stéphane Bazeille, Jesus Ortiz, Francesco Rovida, Marco Camurri, Anis Meguenani,
Darwin G. Caldwell and Claudio Semini                                                                                                942

Kinematics analysis and singularities of novel decoupled parallel manipulators with
simplifi ed architecture
Raffaele Di Gregorio


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