[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Robotics Engineer 3 years for a humanoid robot development

金広文男 f-kanehiro at aist.go.jp
Sun Mar 26 15:52:16 PDT 2017

Engineer staff in Robotics Opening

We are opening a 3-years position for a robotic engineer to work on:
   1. The development and maintenance of software for humanoid robots,
   2. The testing of software on the real robots,
   3. The design and manufacturing of parts for attaching new sensing devices.

The engineer will be in charge of the following tasks:
   -  Maintaining the control software, so that the actual robots are always
      up-to-date and the software can work readily on the robot,
   -  Performing hardware upgrade when new options are available (new
       embedded GPU, low-cost RGBD cameras, tactile sensors, and more generally
       perception sensors),
   -  Consulting with the research team to build and settle experimental
   -  Enforcing the security rules for real experimentations.

   -  Very good skills in programming and integration in C++ and python,
   -  Good knowledge of development tool-chain and of development management
       tools (git, cmake, continuous integration, etc.)
   -  Knowledge of classical robotics middleware (e.g. ROS) and real-time
   -  Knowledge of 3D CAD software, SolidWorks,
   -  Good oral and written level in English, especially in technical English,
   -  Knowledge in robotics.

Employment duration:
The contract needs to be renewed annually. The renewal is up to twice
(up to March 31st 2020).

Working Hour:
from Monday to Friday, 7hours and 45minutes per day
(9:00-17:45 including one hour break)

Saturday, Sunday and national holidays

Working Place:
Humanoid Research Group, Intelligent Systems Research Institute, AIST
AIST Central 1, 1-1-1 Umezono, 305-8560, Tsukuba, Japan

from 950 to 3,000 Japanese Yen/hour depending on the experience.
Income tax and social insurance premium are deducted from the salary.

Starting date of employment:

Send your CV and motivation letter to
Fumio Kanehiro, AIST-IS Humanoid Research Group, Tsukuba, Japan
f-kanehiro at aist.go.jp
An interview will be conducted for each profile fitting the requirement.

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