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Mon May 15 03:20:20 PDT 2017

PhD positions in the Department of Advanced Robotics at Istituto Italiano
di Tecnologia (IIT), Italy.

The Department of Advanced Robotics at the Italian Istitute of Technology
(IIT) has two fully funded PhD positions (starting in November 2017,
typically lasting 3 years). Young scientists with excellent Bachelor's /
Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Robotics, or
other related fields and string competencies / interest in human-machine
interface design, C/C++ programming, mechatronics, and/or robot kinematics,
are welcome to apply for admission. The candidates must be fluent in both
spoken and written English. Experience with haptic teleoperation devices is
a plus!

Topic Description:
In some work environments, e.g., nuclear, chemical, search-n-rescue,
construction/demolition, submarine tasks, there can be extreme risks to the
health and safety of workers. Robots and robotics can be an obvious
solution to the human risk. Although the robot may be able to physically
perform most of the tasks, it lacks the cognitive ability to problem solve
in complex environments. An advanced, intelligent user interface(s) linked
to dexterous, multi-limbed, walking, and wheeled mobile platforms could
form a solution to substitute or assist workers in these stages, reducing
or eliminating exposure to hazards.
This project will develop new master-slave teleoperation software and
hardware, to teleoperate robots in high risk industries with the goal of
reducing these risks. The project will use, develop, and integrate advanced
technologies on tele-locomotion, haptic tele-manipulation, and intuitive
user interfaces for human-machine interaction. The project aims to develop
integrated augmented-reality systems and virtual reality environments for
an immersive 3D user interaction experience. The project will  build  on
the  strong  existing technological capabilities in the Department of
Advanced Robotics (ADVR), acquired through the successful implementation of
various high-tech projects in this field. The technical know-how of
previous projects, including HyQ, WearHap, µRALP, Robo-Mate, and WalkMan,
will contribute to the development of an advanced, intuitive master-slave
teleoperation interface.

Application Requirements:
To apply, applicants should fill the online application at:
Upload the necessary application documents, following the procedures. The
degree and the research are in English. A Research Plan is part of the
application material to be submitted by the candidates for this topic.

Application deadline:
13th June, 2017, 12 NOON, Italian time (CEST, UTC+2).

Additional details:
Please send a detailed CV, the research plan statement, references /
letters of recommendation (min. 2), degree certificates, grade transcripts,
and any additional support material to Nikhil Deshpande (
nikhil.deshpande at iit.it) or Darwin G. Caldwell (darwin.caldwell at iit.it).
International applications are encouraged and will receive logistical
support with visas, documentation, etc.

Best regards,

~ Nikhil Deshpande


Post-doctoral Researcher

Dept. of Advanced Robotics

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)

Via Morego 30, Genova, 16163, Italia

Ph: (+39) 010 71781 805

Fax: (+39) 010 71781 232


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