[robotics-worldwide] [news] "Modern Robotics, " Lynch and Park, is now available

Kevin Lynch kmlynch at northwestern.edu
Fri May 26 16:22:53 PDT 2017

Frank Park and I are pleased to announce that our new textbook, "Modern
Robotics:  Mechanics, Planning, and Control," is now available from
Cambridge University Press.  If you will be at ICRA in Singapore, you can
purchase it at a discount at the Cambridge booth, where there will be a
book signing during the Wed PM coffee break.  You can order the book, or
download the free online preprint version of the book, at the book's website


Also available at the website is the book's code library, written in
Python, MATLAB, and Mathematica.  The code is written primarily to help
make concrete the concepts and mathematics in the book.

We are in the process of recording brief video lectures to supplement the
text; a sample video can be found at


Geometric methods are used throughout the book, including the product of
exponentials formula for robot kinematics.  The book is intended for first
courses in robotics, accessible to undergraduates with only freshman-level
physics, ordinary differential equations, linear algebra, and a bit of
computing background.  Chapters include

* Configuration Space
* Rigid-Body Motions
* Forward Kinematics
* Velocity Kinematics and Statics
* Inverse Kinematics
* Kinematics of Closed Chains
* Dynamics of Open Chains
* Trajectory Generation
* Motion Planning
* Robot Control
* Grasping and Manipulation
* Wheeled Mobile Robots

Thanks to those of you who provided feedback on drafts of the book dated
October and November 2016.  We hope you or your students find the final
result useful.

Kevin Lynch, Northwestern University
Frank Park, Seoul National University

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