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Wed May 31 06:22:31 PDT 2017

Assistant Professor in Information Technology (Intelligent vehicles/Mobile Robots) in collaboration with Volvo Technology (VTEC)

- A full-time employment that can be renewed up to a maximum of four years.

The research will focus on making future self-driving and autonomous vehicles situation aware. The successful candidate will work on developing methods and algorithms based on signal processing and machine learning to recognize, describe, and reason about objects in the environment. This will result in a system that is situation aware since actions of other agents operating in the environment can be foreseen and concerns can be made on objects’ identities. The research will be performed in close collaboration with our industrial partner, and requires spending time both at Halmstad University and Volvo Technology in Gothenburg. 

The position is a collaborative effort between Volvo Technology (VTEC) and CAISR (Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research), which is a long-term research program on intelligent systems at the School of Information Technology at Halmstad University, Sweden. The focus of the centre is on aware intelligent systems, computer systems that are human aware, situation aware and to some extent “self-aware". This means systems that can communicate with humans, systems that can be aware of human intentions, systems that can fuse information and be aware of the situation and not just individual sensor readings, and systems that can be self-monitoring.

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