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Manuel Muehlig manuel.muehlig at honda-ri.de
Tue Sep 12 23:24:39 PDT 2017


Online Challenge: 20K EUR prize money for a robot head and its
interaction design.

In cooperation with hack.institute Cologne, Honda Research Institute
Europe is looking for an innovative
design for a head and face of its multi-entity research platform
consisting of a mobile assistant robot, a
table-top robot and a virtual avatar.

Honda Research Institute Europe (HRI-EU) invites character, UX and
designers and design students to join their online challenge “Face the
Robot”. The objective of the challenge is
to conceptualize the design of the head and face of the different
embodiments of an intelligent system: a
mobile assistant robot, a table-top robot and a virtual avatar.
Submissions shall include the general design for
the appearance and the main expressions for interacting with people. It
́s the participants’ creative decision if
the actual design shall be abstract or anthropomorphic.

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sendhoff, President of HRI-EU: „We are particularly
excited to learn from the ideas and
thoughts of people who are not actively involved in the science and
research in artificial intelligence and
robotics. Using the synergy between technology and design we hope to
explore new approaches to the
interaction between multi-entity systems and people.”

>From end-September on the participants of the design challenge will have
a maximum of four weeks to submit
their designs online as PDF or video. The deadline for entries is
October 22nd 2017. A jury of internal experts at
HRI-EU will choose the best 28 designs of the online challenge. The
prizes are impressive: The first prize has a
value of 10.000 EUR, 4.000 EUR will be given to the second-best and
1.000 EUR to the third place. Furthermore
there will be a reward of 200 EUR for 25 additional entries.
Afterwards it is planned that the winning designs will influence the
actual design of the real assistant robot, the
table-top robot and the virtual avatar at HRI-EU.

Further information of the Honda Design Challenge: www.face-the-robot.com

About Honda Research Institute:
In 2003, the Honda Research Institutes were founded in Japan, in the
United States and in Europe, to conduct
research in emerging fields of technology especially computational and
artificial intelligence, robotics, brain
science and bioinformatics. More than a decade later artificial
intelligence is seen as a technology that will
shape our future in many ways, ranging from autonomous driving to
personal robots and from smart design to
the efficient use of resources.
We research intelligent systems that work among us, for us and with us.
This is why we call it Cooperative
Intelligence. Cooperative intelligence is the ability to use optimally
limited resources to achieve goals in
complex environments together with others in a social context.
Cooperative intelligence does not just focus on
the function but ensures confidence and trust when we interact with
artificial systems. This way it enhances our
capabilities, allows us to share our experiences and strengthens our
role in society.
We apply our research in artificial and cooperative intelligence to next
generation mobility systems, personal
assistants and to engineering, design and manufacturing processes that
are efficient, robust and that enhance
the creative potential of our engineers.

The challenge is hosted by:
Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH
Carl-Legien-Straße 30
63073 Offenbach/Main, Germany

And organized by:
hack.institute UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
An der Bottmühle 5
50678 Köln

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