[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Senior Robotics Engineer positions at inVia Robotics, Los Angeles

Rand Voorhies rand at inviarobotics.com
Mon Sep 18 11:37:50 PDT 2017


inVia Robotics (inviarobotics.com) is a Los Angeles based startup building
the next generation of warehouse automation robots to help fulfill the
needs of e-commerce.  We are seeking experienced Senior Robotics Engineers
for our rapidly growing team. An ideal candidate will have extensive
experience in any single focus below and/or some experience in all of the

* State Estimation: Responsible optimizing and maintaining for the Bayesian
filter localization system on the robot, as well as the SLAM mapping tools
used to build maps of warehouses.

* Perception: Responsible for the machine vision systems on the robot,
which includes building, optimizing and maintaining fiducial detection
code, visual odometry systems, and object recognition systems.

* Controls: Responsible for writing and maintaining the low-level control
loops, as well as the mid-level trajectory generation on the robots.

* Multi-Robot Coordination: Responsible for the multi-agent path finding
and coordination systems that optimize the work schedule of a large robot
fleet to minimize the time needed to fulfill our customers' orders.


We work heavily in Python (leveraging Numpy and Scipy), and optimize in C++
where necessary.  All of our systems are built on Linux, stored in Git, and
organized with JIRA so familiarity with these is a plus. Candidates should
be able to demonstrate applied experience in their area of expertise.


Please email your resume to careers at inviarobotics.com with the subject line
"Robotics Engineer".

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