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Surya Nurzaman surya.nurzaman at monash.edu
Tue Apr 3 23:15:12 PDT 2018

The First IEEE-RAS International Conference on Soft Robotics
April 24-28, 2018. Livorno Italy


Soft robotics is a recent exciting trend of robotics, taking the challenge
of using soft materials and deformable structures for building robots, with
high potential for impact in science and in applications. Given the young
and fast growing area and the lively interdisciplinary community that grew
around soft robotics, the RoboSoft international conference aims at
presenting recent progresses in this field, for discussing new science, new
technologies and new opportunities for applications. More detailed
information about the whole conference can be found on:

The conference program is now online:

### List of Workshops ###
All workshops attached to the workshop will be held on the same day, April
24, 2018.
The updated list of the workshops can be found on:

### Confirmed plenary speakers ###
Mark Cutkosky (Stanford University), Koichi Suzumori (Tokyo Institute of
Technology), Paolo Dario (SSSA), Daniel Goldman (Georgia Tech)

### Organizing Committee ###
General Chair: Cecilia Laschi
Program Chair: Fumiya Iida
Treasurer: Kyujin Cho
Program Co-Chairs: Yiğit Mengüç, Mike Tolley, Ryuma Niiyama, Jamie Paik
Interdisciplinary Program Co-Chairs: Barbara Mazzolai, Barry Trimmer, Josh
Bongard, Antonio De Simone, Rob Shepherd
Publication Chairs: Helmut Hauser, Thrish Nanayakkara
Publicity Chairs: Surya Nurzaman, Egidio Falotico
Workshops/Tutorials Chairs: Adam Stokes, Rebecca Kramer
Interactive sessions Chairs: Lucia Beccai, Mariangela Manti
Exhibition/Industry & Sponsorship Chair: Jonathan Rossiter
Competition Chairs: Jamie Paik, Marcello Calisti
Local Arrangements Chair: Matteo Cianchetti
Awards Chair: Koh Hosoda
Conference Secretariat: Federica Radici
Advisory board: Daniela Rus, Dario Floreano, Rob Wood, George Whitesides,
Paolo Dario, George Jerominidis, Barry Trimmer, Chris Melhuish, Koichi
Program Committee Members: Cecilia Laschi, Fumiya Iida, Matteo Cianchetti,
Thrish Nanayakarra, Jonathan Rossiter, Dario Floreano, Jamie Paik, Adam
Stokes, Kaspar Altoefer, Matthew Howard, Antonio Bicchi, Barbara Mazzolai,
Maria Kruusmaa, Barry Trimmer, Josh Bongard, Perla Maiolino, Helmut Hauser,
Mirko Kovac, Ryuma Niiyama, Taro Nakamura, Wen Li, Kyujin Cho, Surya
Nurzaman, Pablo Valdivia, Lucia Beccai, Koh Hosoda, Akio Ishiguro, Takuya
Umedachi, Van Ho, Yiğit Mengüç, Mike Tolley, Daniela Rus, Rob Wood,
Carmel Majidi, Rebecca Kramer, Sangbae Kim, Barry Trimmer, Cagdas Onal,
Liyu Wang, Andre Rosendo, Rob Shepherd, Federico Renda, Antonio De Simone,
Yonglae Park


Surya G. Nurzaman, Ph.D.
Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Discipline
School of Engineering, Sunway Campus
Monash University
surya.nurzaman at monash.edu
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