[robotics-worldwide] [news] UJI MOOC Course on Autonomous Mobile Robots

Enric Cervera Mateu enric.cervera at icc.uji.es
Fri Apr 13 04:28:00 PDT 2018

[Apologies for cross-posting]

Dear colleagues,

Free registration is open for the UJI MOOC Course on Autonomous Mobile


This is an introductory course addressed to undergraduates and hobbyists
interested in programming mobile robots to perform tasks in realistic

Throughout the course, practical exercises will be developed with 3D
simulations with an easy-to-use virtual machine, working in Windows, Linux,
or Mac.

The course will start on *May 14th 2018*, lasting for 6 weeks, with an
estimated average workload of 6 hours/week.

Basic concepts of physics, geometry, and programming (preferably Python)
are recommended.

We hope you enjoy this course.

Kind regards,

Enric Cervera
Gustavo Casañ

1. Motion: motors and encoders, differential drive
2. Perception: ultrasonic sensors, obstacle avoidance
3. Vision: image processing, line following
4. Manipulation: object detection, gripping
5. Project - Ball Picking Challenge 1: Navigation
6. Project - Ball Picking Challenge 2: Manipulation

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